Not every relationship must result in marriage by Timaya


he Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa’ Timaya has argued not every relationship must culminate in marriage.

He stated in an interview on ‘Eve’s Eye’ that he isn’t t married because he is not ready though he admitted having a girlfriend.


Timaya also disclosed he wasn’t the kind of man who loves having so many women around him, wondering what he’d be doing with all of them as one who has zero tolerance for drama.

“I’m not married, I have a girlfriend. I’m not that kind of man. What am I doing with plenty women? I’m not a confused men, I can’t bear drama,” he said.


Continuing, the “Dem Mama” soldier suggested he dislikes it whenever ladies ask him about where the relationship is headed.

According to him, ladies should realise marriage doesn’t have the be the end point of every relationship.

He also argued that if marriage happens when the man isn’t ready, it certainly would become boring at that point

The 42-year-old Dancehall singer added: “I’ve dated girls that when they wake up in the morning, they’ll be like, ‘What are we doing?’ And I’m chilled, we’re having fun and the next thing you pop up that question.


“The last one that asked me that before I started dating my girlfriend…. we’ve been good. She just woke up one morning and asked me, ‘Where are we going to?’ And I just told her, ‘I don’t know. Am I a GPS? I don’t get it.’

“They always ask that. But it’s not every relationship that has to get to marriage. I’m not ready.

“You know, you need to understand. If a man is not ready…sometimes, these women they leave what is important to go discuss things that are not.

“Marriage is always not the end point. Even if it gets to that point, it becomes boring when you’re not ready.”

Now Authentic is now asking is it true about what Timaya said ……………..






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