No man can stop Inksnation – Founder, Omotade Sparks

Why Nigeria must not divide - Inksnation Boss, Omotade Sparks

The Founder of Inksnation, Omotade-Sparks Amos Sewanu, owner of Ibsmartify and inventor  of  Pinkoin crypto currency has reassured members that no one can stop the project.

Omotade-Sparks also revealed the person who can equally stop the project “It is only God that can say we should stop”

The Founder of the project decried the long block placed on all their Bank accounts claiming it is one of the reason the project has been delayed ” We stated that since June our bank accounts have been blocked”

In a Statement released, The Founder also stopped the ongoing Verification of Inksnation Pinkoin Account with BVN saying that another medium of verification will be created.

Omotade-Sparks also expressed optimism that the Inksnaton Market “Inksmart must hold this December

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC had listed the founder of Inksnation,  Omotade-Sparks on the Wanted list on issues bothering on financial frauds and Names Dropping.

The Statement reads:

“We stated that since june our bank accounts have been blocked, it is easy to say we can’t continue until they open our accounts but we didn’t do that.”

“Also right now it’s also easy for us to say we are stopping everything until we are done be we are not doing that because this is a calling it is only God that can say we should stop. That is to say we are going through a lot on your behalf.”

“So in order not to also appear as an enemy of the program learn to have patience and communicate it across to others, if you love the program and love me also this is the time to stand by us and the program we will surely surpass this stage but we need your calmness, patience and support.”

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“Don’t add headaches to the whole program. We are in a period of challenges our true friends and lovers will be revealed but those that are just dancing along, god will see you through.”

“Inksmart must touch heaven and hit the earth.”

“Lastly family now those that paid through paystack, if you paid for verification through Paystack please contact their customer service on [email protected] for them to refund your n200. Tell them their is a refund going on and you need your N200.”

“Forward your proof of payment to them for refund of your N200. For those that have already gotten theirs goodluck.” Its very necessary.”

“Verification will happen through another platform soon, just be patient.”

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