Nnamdi Kanu thanks Biafran Scientists for Eastern Security Network

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The Leader of  Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has expressed his happiness and thanks to the Biafra scientists of this generation.

The Biafra leader made the remark while reacting to the Nigeria Presidency saying it is no time to stop Fulani Herdsmen from roaming around the country.

The Presidency has said that it has to stop herdsmen from roaming all over the country to prevent clashes with farmers.

The Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said this when he appeared on Channels Television‘s Sunrise Daily.

“We have to stop these herders from roaming and eating up crops all over the country. They drive their cattle into farmlands and they eat up crops and the farmers fight back and the killings follow. This country cannot continue in this way,” he said.

Shehu blamed the roaming of the herdsmen on the drying up of grazing lands in the northern-most parts of Nigeria.

He said, “The encroachment by desert leading to the drying up of a lot of grazing lands in the northern-most parts of the country have put pressure on the herders who are looking southwards for green grass so that their cattle will eat and also have water to drink.

Nnamdi Kanu while reacting said: “Nigerians please go and thank your stars for #ESN. What years of convoluted grammar and meaningless arguments could not achieve, the launch of #ESN accomplished in less than 2 weeks.”

“Within a month of launching our defence line across the South-East & South South , the Janjaweed rulers of the #Zoo have realised its game over and have decided to do the right thing.”

“We are not letting our guard down because we know they are natural born liars. This could be another ruse to lure us into a false sense of security before they unleash their dogs of war from the Sahel on innocent easterners. The #Zoo does not understand reason or common sense, they only understand armed self defense.”

“I want to thank this generation of Biafran scientists for their exceptional ingenuity and service to the motherland. We are better prepared now than ever before. #ESN is here to stay.”

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