Nnamdi Kanu shreds TB Joshua Over Anti-Biafra, Oduduwa Comment, Says He know no Bible

Nnamdi Kanu shreds TB Joshua Over Anti-Biafra, Oduduwa Comment, Says He know no Bible

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has shredded TB Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nation, SCOAN for his anti-Biafra, Oduduwa Comment.

TB Joshua assured that Nigeria will not disintegrate despite being covered by a cloud of “crisis, murder, killings, destruction”.


Nnamdi Kanu during a live broadcast cursed the Pastors calling for one Nigeria, “Thunder Fire All of You Evil Pastor calling for one Nigeria and praying for it when Nigerians are being killed on daily basis.”

“A country of 200 Million People and you cannot remove one Fulani Terrorist Minister Pantami and you are doing anything all you know is One Nigeria”


“TB Joshua is a Yoruba man, are you telling me you never learnt any lesson from Afonja?”

“If you’re arguing that Nigeria should be one, then you are questioning the reason the Israelite left Egypt.’

“TB Joshua are you telling me that you did not see what they did to Ilorin? You people don’t learn from history.”

“If you believe in freedom for the people you’re my friend. Any day you come out to say Nigeria should be one, you become my mortal enemy!”


“Nigeria pastor’s are worshipping the god of money and private jet”

“God is about to disgrace TB Joshua, He is spewing out prophecy year after year and non is coming to fulfillment”

“Many of you shouting one Nigeria, you’re going to d*e, that Nigeria will kill you, not only are you going to d*e your lineage will be w*ped out!”

Nnamdi Kanu said that TB Joshua and other pastors who runs business centers in Nigeria does not read their bible very well or maybe have not come across “Genesis 13” where Abraham and Lot separation when strive emanated between them.

Nnamdi Kanu wondered why all the prophecies released by these pastors have never for one day come to pass.

“Because of Herdsmen, Father of All (Abraham) decided to let go of his Nephew Lot. Because of this Same Fulani Herdsmen and here these Pastors are telling us to stay together as they are causing problems everywhere and killing people.”

Sunday Igboho had earlier blasted the Pastors calling for One Nigeria.

He said “Anybody who does not support Yoruba nation, those who have powers, be it pastors or anybody that has the followers, but does not support Yoruba nation, God I call on you; you’re the one who owns me and the creator of everything.”

“Those elders who see our sufferings, who see that the Fulanis are kidnapping us and collecting ransom, but choose not to support us, as you kill their children, kill their wives. So shall it be!”

“God himself will start asking questions from all the enemies of the Yoruba race. By the grace of God, anybody who says Yoruba will not get to the promised land, God will k*ll their children and wives and their entire family”





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