Nnamdi Kanu set to Dump Biafra, Life if Buhari is confirmed Alive (VIDEO)

Fulani Cabals Planning Coup to return Imposter Buhari back to Niger Republic - Nnamdi Kanu

The Leader of Indigenous People Of  the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and Radio Biafra Director Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that he is willing to Dump the Biafra Struggle if Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari is alive.

Nnamdi Kanu far since 2017 has maintained that Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria President died in February 2017 and was buried in Shallow grave in Saudi Arabia.

Nnamdi Kanu maintained that there is an imposter who wears a Hyper Realistic Mask parading as Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock, the Presidential Villa in Nigeria

Nnamdi Kanu has further gave the name of the of the imposter wearing the Buhari’s Mask to be Yusuf Muhammadu Abubakar and he claims that “Yusuf” is Aisha Buhari’s Boyfriend.

In a Live Interview with Dele Momodu (Instagram Live) broadcasted across many social media networks and monitored by AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT team, The Biafra Leader, Nnamdi Kanu said he will dump the Biafra agitation if Muhammadu Buhari is confirmed to be alive.

Nnamdi Kanu Said, to prove that Muhammadu Buhari is alive, 20 Nigeria youths should interview him and let him speak in fulfulde (Fula Language) and then he will dump the Biafra Struggle and make himself available to any law to deal with him.



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