Nnamdi Kanu reveals Buhari Cabals all dead, 2021 roadmap for Biafra Restoration

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu will soon be free – Lawyer

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has revealed that all Cabals under the Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari are all dead.

Nnamdi Kanu mentioning the likes of Abba Kyari, Isa Functua, Sam Nda-Isaiah and Mamman Daura. Kanu said they are hiding the death of Mamman Daura but very soon all will be revealed.

“Nnamdi Kanu also said all these Cabals died and they were not buried in their ancestral state home”

” There is a curse following anyone that will take up the leadership of the cabal, once you come up you will die.”

Nnamdi Kanu also revealed that this year 2021, “We will start with Saboteurs in our land, Any group or person who will come up to say We are against Eastern Security Network ESN tell us the name of the person, group and his address, this year will be an open year for Saboteurs “.

“As the JANJAWEED are coming down from the North to engage us which I know they will, their land will be vandalized by the bandits, We are going to recreate the scenario of Yemen in Nigeria. WATCH AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN”

“As I told you there is a way to our madness. The JANJAWEED army will come to the South to engage us, but this time around we are waiting for them in our bushes, we are not going to fight them in our township.”

“We will fight them in the Bush and we will kill them, I want you to watch and see what we are going to do to the Zoo.”

” Today our eternal leader, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu has been vindicated, “the same restructuring he fought for in Aburi the same they are now begging for it, That is why the same efulefu that fought Ojukwu restructuring, today their children of course fathered by the Fulani do not want Biafra to come. ”

“The Neo colonialist in the United Kingdom they don’t want Biafra to come. The same thing Ukabia Asima did to Ojukwu the same thing is what Wike is doing.”

“The same difficulties Ojukwu encountered especially from the igbo men, Ken Sarowiwa that sold Biafra is he not dead today? So who is having fun?”

“Let me tell you what is happening in the north and is already happening. Do you know that Brutai’s mother died and he cannot go home to bury his mother a whole ZOO army commander.”

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“You think under my watch I am going to allow Fulani to overrun our land , we will all die.”

“I told you that I am going to come back and I will bring back hell with me, and you think that I am joking , I don’t say what I won’t do.”

” Because Umahi wants to be vice President then I must allow Fulani from Mali to come and kill our people. may thunder fire you there. ”

“What I should have done when I came out of the prison is to go to the Bush, it took Briatin 40 years to fight our people including Saboteurs”

“Yoruba lost Illorin, Hausa lost Gobir (present day Sokoto), Nupe lost Bida, Attah of Igala was forcibly converted to Islam with some of his people, Oturkpo will be the next to fall to the relentless march of the Janjaweed caliphate from Sene-Gambia as some of you continue to ignorantly mouth your One #Nigeria gibberish or Igbo presidency.”

“Foolishly and idiotically as usual, some elements from these Fulani conquered Islamic enclaves in the #Zoo are busy helping their conquerors to conquer Biafraland. How pathetic!”

“I have news for all of you agents of Fulani Janjaweedism in the south, no inch of Biafran territory will be surrendered to your masters from the Sahel.”

“You can continue to roll over and submit to the conquistador mentality of the caliphate but in Biafraland we would rather all die that cede our ancestral lands to savages.”

“The sooner you people get this into your daft one Nigeria skulls the better.”


If you still fail to support #ESN, may you become as useless as Nigeria.”
“The Pan-Northern socio-political group, the Arewa Consultative Forum, has raised the alarm that camels are now being allegedly used to bring in “Rocket Propelled Grenades RPGs” and “anti-aircraft guns” into the country through northern borders.”
The National Chairman of the ACF, Chief Audu Ogbeh, who disclosed this in a statement he personally signed, said the weapons were being ferried into the country from a neighbouring country.”
“The statement was titled, ‘Our borders and insecurity,’ and released by the National Publicity Secretary of the Forum, Emmanuel Yawe, in Kaduna on Thursday.”
“He, however, did not mention any country, in particular, saying that the information was provided by ACF members from Sokoto and Zamfara States.”
The North through the Sokoto and Zamfara axis shared borders with the Republic of Niger Ogbeh said that the northern body found it duty-bound to alert the Federal Government for urgent and necessary actions.”
“Already, it is speculated that weapons as dangerous as Rocket Propelled Grenades RPGs, and anti-aircraft guns are part of the cargo ferried by camels freely into our country from neighbouring countries,” he said.

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