Nnamdi Kanu replies Ralph Uwazurike For telling him to Handover ESN to Governors

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Nnamdi Kanu leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has replied Ralph Uwazurike for told him to Handover Eastern Security Network ESN to South East Governors.

Uwazuruike had during a press statement asked Nnamdi Kanu to handover the Eastern Security Network he formed to the Eastern Governor. 

Nnamdi Kanu replying said ” One hotelier said that I, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, should handover the heavenly ordained #ESN to the slaves installed by the Caliphate in different Government Houses in Biafraland.”

“I guess with the intention of turning it to another eastern version of the heavily politicized and now toothless #Amotekun in Yorubaland. He thought that I am like him that shamelessly sold the future of our unborn generations to the same oppressors he claims to be fighting just because all he wanted in life was to escape crippling poverty and live in style and opulence.”

“Sadly with the blood of Biafrans. This same individual that openly condemned the launch of #ESN is today clamoring to be identified with it. How times have changed.
We [IPOB] have come with an unshakeable resolve to liberate our people from the Lugardian damnation called Nigeria.”

“The mistake this hotelier and his ilk made with our collective future is what we are fighting ever so hard to correct today. At least now he knows they can never be like us. Unlike him, IPOB is a noble family of liberators that cannot be bought or sold to the highest bidder. Neither will we allow earthly material considerations to move us to distraction. Our mission is a very simple one, RESTORE BIAFRA! Nothing more nothing less! Ogbonye ónú ňtû agaghi igbochim ikpere Chineke.”

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