Nnamdi Kanu releases Evidences Buhari is dead to Reuben Abati, Others

Fake Buhari with Aisha Buhari

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again resurrected the question “Is Buhari – the Nigeria President alive”.

That question has become a controversial topic following how the Presidency has taken over government and affairs of the state leaving the “Buhari” who Nnamdi Kanu said is an Impostor to the sideline.

Trouble started after Reuben Abati said the person he met with his team was Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari but Nnamdi Kanu has come up to counter this.

In a famous Quote Kanu ended “The Eyes is useless when the mind is blind”

Nnamdi Kanu Said, Dear @abati1990 , Here is your ‘Buhari’ with Aisha during a campaign tour in your #Zoo Presidential Elections of 2019. Even if you are blind, demented & imbecilic, can you in all honesty, say that this joker here with Aisha is the late certificate forging, semi-literate dictator?

Fake Buhari with Aisha Buhari
“Buhari” with Aisha Buhari

For purposes of clarity, each photo of one of your fake hyper reality mask wearing ‘Buhari’ I present to demolish your lies that real @MBuhari is alive, I shall immediately proceed to publish a genuine picture of the late certificate forging dictator. This photo is real Buhari

Fake Buhari


Dear @abati1990, this is yet another version of your ‘ @MBuhari ’ being paraded by the Janjaweed Caliphate cabal whom you serve. You & your fellow gullible #Nigerians shamelessly presented this joke as an 80 yr old Buhari. Therefore I ask you, does this look like Buhari to you?


Fake Buhari

As part of our ‘The Real @MBuhari is Dead’ enlightenment series, let me ask the likes of
@abati1990 to take cognisance of this image because this is the proper face of the old Buhari looking his real age before his death in January of 2017. Compare this photo with the following.


Dear @abati1990, Could you kindly tell the world, from the collection below, which version of the late @MBuhari you interviewed. The man you interviewed, did he speak #Fulfude? Did you ask him about the hole in his neck or his Kpomo ear? “Eyes are useless when the mind is blind”

Dead Buhari: Tell the world which Buhari you interviewed – Nnamdi Kanu replies Reuben Abati
Dead Buhari: Tell the world which Buhari you interviewed – Nnamdi Kanu replies Reuben Abati

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