The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has reacted to the outrage of women who trooped out Naked in mass to protest the incessant killings in Kaduna State.

The Biafra leader in a Press release said:

UK in Nigeria come and see the result of your handiwork. The hell on earth you created in 1914 is yielding up its ghosts.

Today 23rd July , 2020 these Hausa women from Atyap , Mabushi, Samaru, Tagama, Unjwan Juju and other neighbouring villages are protesting naked at the Agwa Tyap’s (Sarkin Kataf) house at Atak Njei, Southern Kaduna. This is what Nigga-area have reduced these deeply conservative mothers to.

Fulani insistence on killing all indigenous people in the British Zoo Nigga-area will inevitably lead to that anarchy Fulani Janjaweed has been craving for. The criminal silence of our colonial masters Great Britain in the face of this relentless onslaught by Fulani terrorists (Miyetti Allah) is deeply troubling.

Does it mean Britain is in tacit support of the eugenics agenda to depopulate the Zoo Nigga-area they created through the instrumentality of Fulani terrorism?

Shame on those of you from Southern Kaduna still serving in the Zoo military as your villages are being ethnically cleansed. The nakedness of your mothers is a reminder that this Nigga-area you serve will hasten the end of your race.


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