Nnamdi Kanu legalizes Eastern Security Network with Nigeria laws

ESN goes underground Following Nnamdi Kanu Abduction

The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has now legalize the Eastern Security Network ESN.

The Biafra activist, Nnamdi Kanu used the 1999 Nigeria constitution quoting some sections to legalize the Eastern Security Network.

The Eastern Security Network was launched to protect the former eastern region of Nigeria from ‘Fulani terrorist” and also safeguard the land.

The Nigeria Criminal Code Section 32 he quoted says “A person is not criminally responsible for an act or omission if he does or omits to do the act under any of the following circumstances‐  (1) in execution of the law; (2) in obedience of the order of a competent authority which he is bound by law to obey, unless the order is manifestly unlawful;  (3) when the act is reasonably necessary in order to resist actual and unlawful violence threatened to him, or to another person in his presence;

(4) when he does or omits to do the act in order to save himself from immediate death or grievous harm threatened to be inflicted upon him by some person actually present and in a position to execute the threats, and believing himself to be unable otherwise to escape the carrying of the threats into execution.

The Biafra Leader, Nnamdi Kanu said ” In Nigeria, SELF DEFENCE is LEGAL. Sec. 59, Penal Code states: “Nothing is an offence of which is done in the lawful exercise of the right of private defence”. Sec 32, Criminal Code states ‘It is not a crime to RESIST actual & unlawful violence‘

#EasternSecurityNetwork is LEGAL!

Dave Umahi, his Fulani Janjaweed masters and some sections of the #Zoo media must know they are dealing with the most intellectually robust mass movement on the face of this earth. Any move we make is backed by the LAW. Take a look at some of these headlines emanating from Ebonyi State over the years, is it justification and validation enough for the existence of #ESN?

Anybody from Ebonyi State foolish enough, like Dave Umahi, to inform against #ESN will pay a heavy price for it. There will be no mercy.

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