Nigeria Can Break Up Without Any War – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu reveals those created Unknown Gunmen in Nigeria

Nnamdi Kanu leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has said that Nigeria Can break up without any sort of war or Rancor.

Nnamdi Kanu who made the assertion in a Live Conference With Dele Momodu “The 2nd NEVER AGAIN CONFERENCE: 51years After The Nigerian-Biafran Civil War”.

In his words’ We can break away without any rancor or any needs to go into war, We mustn’t forget that there was a country called Czechoslovakia, Today they are the Czech Republic and they never fought any war.”

” For us to conceptualise this scenaria never again then we must go back to where we were before the white man came, There was no war between Biafra people and Ooduduwa people or war between Biafra people and the Fulanis in the North, Every body minded their own business until the white man came and decided otherwise.”

” They came and carved Igbos into some states, as we speak our own Ijaw brothers cae and said we are no longer brothers but we are always one but all of these things are results of Colonialism and I blame it to the founding fathers of Nigeria and the so called Elites now.”

“You don’t have elitism in a place where there is no running water, no good road, no good schools, cattle herders are busy slaughtering, and massacring people everywhere and some people have the temerity to come out on National Television or on this forum to say they are the elites.

There has been ethnic nationalities before the Britain came and we should go back to how we were.

“No one has ever have the temerity to challenge the deficiency in Nigeria, there is no constitution in Nigeria and no Nigeria has any say as to how they are govern, how then do you expect that country to move forward?, How do you expect healing and reconciliation.”

“The 1966 Coup was never an Igbo Coup but a Revolution and I make bold to say this without casting blames, Only the south can carry out a revolution in Nigeria. In Revolution there are bounds to casualties. The fact is that there is nothing called One Nigeria.”

Nigeria Can Break Up Without Any War - Nnamdi Kanu
Nigeria Can Break Up Without Any War – Nnamdi Kanu


“The sooner we rise and face the reality our children yet to come will still be having this kind of discussions, In Russia there was a revolution, In France there was a revolution, in England there was a revolution, In America there was a revolution and in every revolution people are bound to die.”

“Still during the ENDSARS the same people introduced tribe into it and claimed that those burning things out of the killings and rage at Toll gate in Lagos are all Igbo people, the same people talking about One Nigeria and how to make Nigeria better.”

There is something called a Referendum or a plebiscite and there must be a constitution formulated by the people and that is the best way to go.

Also in the conference were, Bishop Kukah, Ayo Adebanjo, Amaechi and host of other well meaning Nigerians.


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