Nigeria at the edge of total collapse – Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka: Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped

Professor .Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate has said that Nigeria is at the very edge of total collapse.

Wole Soyinka was backing Nigeria Former President Olusegun Obasanjo who said Nigeria is becoming a failed state, divided and under collapse.

Wole Soyinka made his stance known in a statement released on Tuesday titled, “Between ‘Dividers-in-chief’ and Dividers-in-law,”.

He said although he was not a fan of Obasanjo, he supports the duty of calling attention to the issues of the nation

“Nonetheless, I embrace the responsibility of calling attention to any accurate reading of this nation from whatever source, as a contraption teetering on the very edge of total collapse.

“We are close to extinction as viable comity of peoples, supposedly bound together under an equitable set of protocols of co-habitation, capable of producing its own means of existence, and devoid of a culture of sectarian privilege and will to dominate.” The Prof. said

The Presidency had in a swift rebuttal of Obasanjo’s allegations, insisted that Buhari has continued to promote nation-building and the unity of Nigeria.

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