Monte Carlo Casino (MCC): Join the 1st Casino Gambling on Tron Blockchain

Monte Carlo Casino (MCC): Join the 1st Casino Gambling on Tron Blockchain

Monte Carlo Casino (MCC) is the first original casino on Tron Blockchain. You can play with Bitcoin, Tron, Litecoin, Bittorent, and Many more 100% verified smart contracts.

It is the world’s first online platform where players can reduce their risks by investing in casino bonds in which they play, and getting up to 25% monthly.

What is Monte Carlo Casino (MCC)

Monte Carlo Caso (MCC) is the world’s first system that provides an online gambling platform with the ability for players to profit from the casino itself. They see their mission in reducing the risks of their players through partnerships.

They set themselves the goal of making gambling as accessible and comfortable as possible for each of our players, who can participate in the casino’s income without risk.

The gambling industry is in the top three most promising and actively developing industries in the world. The reason for this rapid growth is the availability of online and mobile gambling.

This burst of activity and market expansion is accompanied by a significant concentration of capital, creation of new jobs directly in the online casino sector and in related activities.

That is why the gambling industry today is one of the most promising areas for investing and selling venture capital.

What is Monte Carlo Caso Bond

They present the first gambling investment tool in history – Casino Obligations (CASO). By purchasing Monte Carlo CASO casino bonds, you are guaranteed to receive 20% of net profit per month on the number of your bonds and an extra 5% as a spin bonus to play at our online casino.

They also invest in the creation of offline poker tournaments, which bring up to 20% profit from the organization of the events themselves.

How to Buy Monte Carlo Casino Bonds

In your personal account, go to the “CASO contracts” section: select the CASO-CONTRACT that suits you and complete the activation. Also, the minimum cost of a CASO contract is 100 USD, and the maximum cost of a CASO contract is 100,000 USD

How Long is the Casino Contract

Your CASO contract has no expiration date and will keep you profitable until you make 4 times more money than the value of the contract itself.

After you have earned 4 times the value of the contract, your CASO contract is canceled and does not make any profit.

You can buy a new CASO contract to get profit from the casino again or transfer the body of the deposit to a game spin. At the same time, your entire affiliate network (if any) is kept in the same volume.

Can I Terminate my Caso Contract

No. But you can transfer part of the money from your contract to your gaming account, with the following calculation:

1-2 Month 0%
3 Month 10%
4 Month 20%
5 Month 30%
6 Month 40%
7 Month 50%
8 Month 60%
9 Month 70%
10 Month 80%
11 Month 90%
12 Month 100%
Important: after transferring your funds to the game Spin from 10% to 100%, your contract is canceled and the monthly profitability is not calculated!

Monte Carlo Casino (MCC): Join the 1st Casino Gambling on Tron Blockchain
Monte Carlo Casino (MCC): Join the 1st Casino Gambling on Tron Blockchain

How to Withdraw your Caso

Accrual of profit from the work of CASO-contracts is carried out 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Profits from bonds can be withdrawn on the wallet, bonus backs – on the casino gaming account.

Rewards via the D-line System affiliate system are instantly transferred to the purse. At any time you can create a request for withdrawal from the purse. The withdrawal process may take up to 48 hours.

You can check the withdrawal request in the investment section. At the top of the list you will see your most recent transaction. Look at the data in the “Confirmed” column.

If the value is “yes”, then the request has been executed, if “wait”, it is still being processed, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10$.

The Frispins

Frispins are gratuitous spins of slot machines, which are provided without the need to replenish the deposit. In other words, every gamer can experience fortune and eventually get real money without paying a cent.

Is Monte Carlo Caso Legit
From their website, Monte Carlo Caso claims to be a registered company. Providing details below to prove their legality.

Company number: 334440-1511
Legal address: Villa Caparra A-9 Calle A Guaynabo, PR 00966-2212, Puerto Rico
Jurisdiction code PR: PUERTO RICO
Upon further check, we discovered a verification of the acclaimed address, and company registration number as seen below.

Monte Carlo Casino Rules & Regulation

Monte Carlo CASO reserves the right to cancel your CASO contract and block your account in the following cases:

Any illegal actions in relation to Monte Carlo CASO;
Registration of multiple user accounts from one IP address;
Using the accounts of other Monte Carlo CASO users for personal purposes;
Use of illegal income;
Use of funds received from the accounts of other users or several accounts;
Providing false personal information;
Dissemination of false information about the activities of Monte Carlo CASO, denigrating the reputation of Monte Carlo CASO;
Dissemination of false information about employees and users of Monte Carlo CASO;
Disclosure of information about Monte Carlo CASO users to third parties, with the exception of responses to official inquiries from authorized persons.


This material (Monte Carlo Casino) is not aimed at promoting Monte Carlo Caso.

And should not be taken as the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation to engage in investment transactions.

Investing and gambling involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital.

You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.

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