May 12th: Do Not Expect Anything From Inksnation – Founder

May 12th: Do Not Expect Anything From Inksnation - Founder

The Founder of Inksnation Decentralised autonomous organization, Amos Omatade who is popularly known as Universal Daddy Ink has revealed to the community that they should not expect anything From the project yet.

Recall that the Inksnation Boss last year told the Inksnation Community that Transactions using Pinkoin the Community cryptocurrency will begin in May 12th 2021. But Sparks has come up to elongate the date till further notice.


Omotade Sparks says that before transactions will become the community must have atleast 2000 merchants in each local government of Nigeria.

In a Secular he released it reads ” The upgrade has given us time to do more advancement. We are partnering with china company to give us inksnation smart phones to achieve one phone per living node each smart phone will come with its own OS like android but blockchain based OS. Inksledger OS.


Only merchants registration is allowed for now no bronze, silver, gold or diamond because that is going to change with the upgrade. Inksnation now has a final prototype/Script of how to use blockchain to determine the next financial world power. The country that meets our requirements will become the next financial world power.

Alot more attached to the upgrade. These are the few we can reveal.

Dear inksnation Nigeria, Is this how we want to end poverty in nigeria. Are we sure we want to end poverty in nigeria.

We were given the task to achieve 2000 merchants per local government and 5 months (May) To achieve it but today here is your result. Only 5 LGA out of 774 LGA have achieved this.


Yes, registration is manual because the upgrade is going to result in a lot of changes but that doesn’t stop you from achieving 2000 merchants per LGA. Tomorrow you will say the government is not doing their job.

I appreciate the excos and few exchangers that joined the excos to achieve what has been achieved so far.

But I am so unhappy at the result and the stands of the other exchangers and end users who chose to seat down and just be waiting for may.

We gave a target (2000 merchants per LGA) And gave a timeline (5 months – may) Most people ignored the target and focused on the timeline instead. Infact in about 12 states nothing is happening, as in no single merchants registration and that’s so bad.

Well I am here to shock you that nothing absolutely nothing will happen in may if we don’t achieve 2000 X 774 LGA = 1,548,000 merchants.

Let me elaborate all 36 states plus fct must achieve 2000 merchants per LGA before anything will happen or universal basic income will start.

This project is target oriented not time oriented, until we reach our target we will just be wasting our time.

May is just 30 days from now and can only be possible if we work with our excos whether you are enduser or exchanger, we are fighting a common enemy. Infact may is not possible unless miracle happen and right now we are not giving any timeline anymore we will only focus on your target.

In conclusion
Inksnation Nigeria, whenever you achieve 2000 merchant per LGA nationwide or 1,548,000 merchants in Nigeria then and then will you show that you are really ready to come out of poverty.

Your government is frustrating us and some of the people are also showing signs of laziness.

Imagine what we have achieved in 4 months, I’m ashamed on behalf of us.

In case you don’t know this is a revolution, I call it the world most productive, progressive, silent, strategic and non violent revolution which comes with daily results no matter how slow or fast it is. Technology plus the people are the only way to save Nigeria, not prayers, not the government, if this is true why are the people dragging this backwards.

5 over 774 is f9 infact f10 wake up oh Nigeria

Nigerians are not lazy, nigerians can meet this target in less than two months. You have to rise up and make it work. Forget about the website for now, when it comes to live it will shock you. Just do what you need to do Alot of people work by mouth, it is easy to type or select yes if you want inksnation to work.

Okay if your answer is yes then make it work. The project is aimed at giving power to the people but power has been given to the people now and they seem to be failing the project. How can you expect to eat without raising a finger, inksnation is not a business or investment its on a mission to end poverty ones and for all and we have to do it together.

If you desire inksnation to work then turn your yes into action turn your yes into working with the excos turn your yes to 1,548,000 merchants as soon as possible and leave the rest to inksnation.

No more timeline complete your target and let’s make this work. Everybody has to be part of the journey, everyone has to be part of the work.

Pls rethink your journey with inksnation, unless you have something else or business that has a long lasting solution to poverty. The success of inksnation means you and your family and generation unborn can never lack forever, we are on a mission to end poverty once and for all. Its not gonna be easy but it is achievable.

I Amos Sewanu omotade-sparks has surrendered my life and being for this mission, I risk death, I risk prison, I risk being hurt, I risk my whole life for all humanity to have a better life.

I beg you all for one thing pls make my sacrifice worth it so that even if I die, or am hurt along the road I know I have tech soldiers that will make sure that the fire of this mission never quenches. If you can’t do it for yourselves, do it for your children and children children so that no child will cry for school fees, pampers money etc their very existence will cater for their needs.



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