Man Arrested for Raping Pastor’s Pregnant Wife to Death in Rivers State

Man Arrested for Raping Pastor's Pregnant Wife to Death in Rivers State

In a disturbing development, the Rivers State Police Command has made a significant breakthrough in the investigation into the tragic death of Mrs. Chigbewejim Steward, the wife of a local clergyman, in Rivers State. A man identified as Emeka has been apprehended on suspicion of orchestrating the brutal rape that led to Mrs. Steward’s untimely demise. The arrest occurred in Abarikpo Community, following diligent efforts by officers from the Ahoada Divisional Police Headquarters.

Emeka is believed to be the alleged mastermind behind a horrific gang rape incident that occurred in February 2023 within the Abarikpo community. Providing insight into the devastating events, Mr. Lawyer Steward, husband of the late Mrs. Steward and an assistant Pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Abarikpo, confirmed the arrest and recounted the tragic circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.


According to Mr. Steward, Emeka’s apprehension comes 15 months after the harrowing incident that claimed his wife’s life. Recounting the sequence of events, Steward revealed a troubling altercation between Emeka and his wife before the fatal night. “Yes, Mr. Emeka is believed to be the mastermind behind my wife’s untimely demise,” Steward lamented. “Following a heated exchange earlier that morning, Emeka ominously threatened my wife, stating, ‘You called me wicked? Prepare to witness true wickedness.’ Later that same night, a group of assailants forcibly entered our home, abducted my wife, and subjected her to a horrific assault. She was five months pregnant at the time, and they callously took her life.”

The arrest of Emeka marks a significant development in the pursuit of justice for Mrs. Steward and her grieving family. Steward has called for government intervention to ensure that all those responsible for the heinous crime face the full consequences of the law.


The tragic incident had sent shockwaves throughout the Abarikpo community, with initial reports suggesting Mrs. Steward’s abduction by suspected members of the Iceland cult. Her lifeless body was later discovered near a fishing pond, bearing signs of the brutal ordeal she endured.

Known for her vocal stance against criminal and cult activities in the community, Mrs. Chigbewejim Steward’s loss has deeply impacted those who knew her.

As investigations continue, the public eagerly awaits further updates on this distressing case. While the police command’s spokesperson has not yet confirmed details, sources indicate that two additional suspects have been apprehended alongside Emeka, offering hope for progress in pursuing justice.


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