Love Story


“Whose voice was that?” Vivian asked, as she dropped her purse on the closest couch, making her way to my bedroom.

“It’s not what you think…” I followed her, explaining as much as I could.

“Oh, I think I know what’s going on.” she said.

Just as Vivian was about to open the bedroom door, Cynthia beat her to it. Cynthia pushed the bedroom door close and stepped out so Vivian could take a good look at her. She had on my t-shirt. In fact, that was Vivian’s favorite t-shirt that she always wore whenever she came over. Cynthia wasn’t making anything easier for me by the way she walked majestically into the living room, leaving Vivian still shocked or rather hooked by the door. When Vivian found some composure, she joined Cynthia in the leaving room. Both of them starred at each other waiting for the other to speak first.

“Victor who is this?” Vivian finally spoke.

“Yes, who is she?” Cynthia also asked.

“Victor,” Vivian turned around to ask “Is she the reason why you stood me up late night? Is this what you have been up to?” This was the most composed I had ever seen Vivian but Cynthia, she wasn’t having it.

“Who is she?” she shouted. I was confused, who do I answer first?

“Cynthia, please go back to the room honey. I promise to explain when I’m through here.” I said, emphasizing the “honey,” just to calm her down.

“Oh you had better start talking now?” Vivian interrupted.

“So she’s the new woman abi? How could you do this to me? 2 years, Victor! Did I mean so little to you?” Vivian was yelling, beating on my chest as she cursed the day she first met me.

“Can someone just tell me what’s going on here?” Vivian shouted. Cynthia became calm. She let go of my shirt.

“Answer her na. Who am I?” she replied.

“She’s my wife.” I gave Cynthia the simplest and most straight forward answer I could think of.

“Your wife?” she whispered. “But your wife is dead.” She added.

“Yes, I thought so too but last night she showed up.” I knew I had hurt all the pride in her when she realized the real reason I stood her up.

“Just like that?” she asked.

I knew Vivian must have wanted to fight me. Kick me, bite. Do every irrational thing she could think of but instead, she just stood there. Very still, staring at me, making me feel like the biggest asshole in the universe. She simply nodded. This utter quietness filled the room; we could almost hear each other’s thoughts. She moved to the door about to take her leave, unable to stand the silence. I couldn’t help but to rush over to her side, I still wanted to explain things to her to save my own face.

“Vivian you have to understand, this…”

“Oh I do.” She held her tears in.

“I never wanted to…”

“Victor I get it. Your wife is back, the woman who you truly love and I’m just your doctor. I have always been just your doctor. I’m so stupid for having thought you and I could become something else. I did this to myself Victor, it wasn’t your fault. Your heart wasn’t mine to keep.”

“Vivian…” I tried to calm her down because her words weren’t all true.”

“We all have a role to play in this world abi? Well I’m glad I have done mine. Have a nice life victor.” She smiled. Vivian was a cool girl, I have never once seen her cry or yell or do anything crazy before. She tried being the composed doctor but I knew that deep down, her pride was hurting and it pained me that there was nothing I could do about it.

“So I guess this is it?” I asked foolishly. She nodded, not saying a thing. I have to admit, I liked her best when she was all talkative.

“I will call you later.” I said.

“Not in this house you won’t.” Vivian who we had forgotten was still in the room spoke up. She was still shaking and bouncing about, waiting for her turn to take a hit at me.

“Don’t bother.” Cynthia replied.

I knew if I didn’t let her go soon enough she was going break down in tears. I just didn’t want her to go. There was no doubt that I had something for her but my wife; Vivian just couldn’t take her place in my heart.

“Where are you going to?” Vivian asked, following me as I rushed into my bedroom after Cynthia left.

“Hey, I need time to think. Time away from everything.” I answered, forcing my shoes on my feet.

“Wait ooh, did I just hear you say time to think?” She laughed. “So 2 year wasn’t enough abi?” I tried not to pay any attention to her insults but I was hurting on the inside.

“Victor if I have to yell one more time, it would be me leaving this house instead.” she said and quiet frankly, I preferred her suggestion. I rushed outside to where my car was parked. As I settled into my car, I took 2 long breaths, trying to get myself together before I start the car. After some few minutes, I was composed enough to head out. As I was about pulling out of the garage; I remembered I left my phone on top of the table next to my bed. I didn’t feel up to the task of going back into the house for part 2 of my wife’s yelling but I still needed my phone regardless. I carefully placed my key into my front door lock and opened. I headed straight to my bedroom. Upon getting to my bedroom door, I heard voices or one in particular.

“Don’t mind the mumu joor… he just left.” She giggled.

I was about to grab the door knob when the voice came again.

“You know I can’t come tonight… I just came back and moreover, I have to look after iffy.”

First, I thought I had left the TV on or maybe I was just imagining voices but the third one hit me right in my gut.

“She is starting to look more like you, haven’t you noticed? I don’t want people to start talking ooh.”

I had finally heard enough! With the last bit of patience I had, I opened the door to find Cynthia sitting on the bed with the house phone almost hanging from her hands. Eyes wide opened, she starred at me and whispered, “Victor.”

I was this close to slapping my name out of her dirty mouth but I had to be rational about this and keep calm.

She saw the fire in my eyes as I moved to snatch the phone from her hands.

“How long have you been standing by that door?” She dared to ask, as she forcefully released the phone to me.

“Long enough.” I said calmly.

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