Learn How to Earn Lots of Money with META FORCE

Learn How to Earn Lots of Money with META FORCE


META FORCE the big thing of Blockchain has been transparently launched and already making many millionaires in Dollars and you too can join the movement and flips lots of dollars this time, Happy Earnings.


What is the Meta Force?

META FORCE is a global Cryptocurrency Ecosystem whose members help each other to achieve financial well-being using our tools and algorithm of instant profit distribution on smart contracts.

A smart contract is a self-executing algorithm (program code). It guarantees the transparency and security of executing logic or transfers within the blockchain.


The META FORCE system belongs to our Community and is fully decentralized , which means it is transparent, secure and resistant to external influences

The platform Force is open and available to everyone. The process of entering the community and starting to make a profit is so simple that you only need a laptop or a smartphone with an Internet connection. Develop matrix platforms and invite partners to the structure, for which you get remuneration in POLYGON cryptocurrencies.

Is there any Risk in META FORCE

No risk – META FORCE is different from other platforms, transactions are processed in a blockchain by a smart contract and cannot be changed or stopped even by the creators. Transfers go directly to participants’ personal wallets with no hidden fees or use of third-party resources. Which means that every reward earned belongs entirely to the individual and can be used immediately.



How do I start earning with the Meta Force?

Create a wallet and fund it with DAI and a little MATIC (to pay transaction fees). Meta Force works with MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

Learn How to Earn Lots of Money with META FORCE
Learn How to Earn Lots of Money with META FORCE

Register on the site with this link:

Copy the Link or Click here


Step 2 : Paste the Link in your Dapp browser (Trust wallet)

Step3: you’ll see an Ethereum logo by the top left corner, click on it and change it to polygon

Step 4: Tap on Signup now

Step 5: Connect wallet

Step 6: Approve your transaction by clicking “Confirm” to register your ID and wait for transaction to success

Step 7: After Registration, Select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE”




How does it work?

META FORCE is a platform that combines a referral program and an automatic algorithm for distributing affiliate rewards. The affiliate links in META FORCE are transparent: they are tied and thanks to the referral link you can see who invited whom, or who is a upline and who is a downline partner.

The META FORCE has three matrix plans (Classic, Boost and UniteVerse). All 3 plans have a different logic of the location of partners in the structure and the accrual of rewards. Each matrix consists of several levels, to which you can move and get even more profits. The levels are activated only one by one, one by one, and the activation of each next level will cost twice as much as the previous one.


The Force of the Classic program is in its simplicity. The effectiveness of which has been tested over a long distance..

Matrix s6

Two-level matrix – Income comes both from personal partners and from the spillovers of other participants.

Profit 300%

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