Leah Sharibu: Nnamdi Kanu bans CAN meeting in Eastern Nigeria, Calls for Abolishment

Leah Sharibu: Nnamdi Kanu bans CAN meeting in Old Eastern Nigeria, Calls for Abolishment

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has banned Christian Association of Nigeria CAN Meetings in Eastern Nigeria.

The Eastern Nigeria which comprises of the proposed Biafra states in the south south and South eastern Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu further said that the Christian Association is useless and not serving the purpose of it’s creation.

Nnamdi Kanu said this while reacting to the report of Leah Sharibu been pregnant of the second time.

Nnamdi Kanu wondered why Leah Sharibu the little Christian girl will be held captive and the Christian Community has done nothing to rescue.

Nnamdi Kanu in live broadcast said ” Leah Sharibu was abducted in her state own Yobe State, they call this little girl a Heroine Christian. The Pope has not called for her release consistently, the arch-bishop of Cantanbury has not called for her release, these are front line Christians and none of them has consistently asked for the released of this little Christian girl.’

“And the lives of Christians do not matter only Muslims lives matters. Please ponder this, say a militia group in the south went to a market and abducted a muslim fulani girl and took her to a camp and continuously raping her till she became pregnant twice, What do you think will Happen to the south, What do you think BBC will do, What do you think the British High Commissioner will do,  they will  level the whole place till thy kingdom come”


“Only a demon will support or keep quite when a little was abducted from her school for over three years, rape after rape and you people are not ashamed. You people are evil and satanic, No wonder the black man painted the devil black.”

“The Pope and the Arch-bishop of Cantanbury has not spoken all because the interest of the Muslims has not been touched or tampered with, American Ambassador is in Abuja and she is not talking but they can send Delta force to release their aides.”

All because she said I will not deny my faith, Nigeria is a creation of Satan for the inhabitation of evil people, If God does not destroy Nigeria, I will stop Believing in God”

“This evening I am calling for the Disbandment of the Christian Association of Nigeria, It should not exist, It should be abolished and I will not have Christian Association of Nigeria CAN hold any meeting anymore in the East, what we have done to Ohanaeze we are going to do to CAN because of this little girl ( Leah Sharibu).”

“You can go to your churches and Pray, do what ever you want to do in your church but you cannot gather under the umbrella of Christian Association of Nigeria in the east, try it and see what will happen to you. You people are fools, you claim you are a priest, you are criminal and God will punish all of you, CAN is as useless as Nigeria” Nnamdi Kanu said.


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