Lady dashed 20 people HIV and ran away out of the Community

Hiv in irete

This is very sadistic and very brutal in our days now. The reckless and inhuman spread of the deadly HIV infectious virus by an unknown lady describes how sadistic some humans can be.

The story circulating almost in every nook and cranny of the community is about the lady who packed into Irete with HIV. From investigations, she packed in not long ago in one of the villages in Imo State, Owerri, Irete, Umuelele to be specific.


It is also saddening that the spread was intended. She pasted about “20 people’s names” on her door as those carrying HIV after having sexual intercourse with her, she ran away! This is regrettably worrisome.

How many people have she infected with it as it was discovered she pasted their names on her door and ran away?


The answer to that question is something else because HIV is a virus that targets and alters the immune system, increasing the risk and impact of other infections and diseases. Without treatment, the infection might progress to an advanced disease stage called AIDS! It kills. HIV kills. And it is said to be incurable. That is, it cannot be cured.

Unfortunately, the ethics of journalism prohibit the publication of names discovered on her door. Even a medical practitioner cannot divulge such information to the public as their ethics prohibit it too. On the names she pasted, if the spread has reached the brothels in the community. It means it really calls for serious attention.

From medical consultations made so far, contraceptive like condom commonly used by people does not ensure 100% protection from contracting sexually transmitted infection like HIV. The best is abstinence from premarital sex and faithfulness to your partner as a married person. Another measure is having a family private shaving clipper. Because HIV as incurable as it is, can be passed to you through an infected shaving clipper in a shaving salon.

Our youths are deep into these death traps and they call it big boyism. They brag they belong. So if you are not doing it, you don’t belong. Foolishness. That’s foolishness. It is time to come out of it. The leaders of the community must wake up now. The destiny of our community is threatened. Our young ones are being lost to untimely death without traces of any natural cause.


This is very Sad and happening at this trying moments in Irete Community in Imo State.


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