Labour Secures Victory in Mayoral Polls in York, North Yorkshire, Rishi Sunak’s Electoral Stronghold

Labour Secures Victory in Mayoral Polls in York, North Yorkshire, Rishi Sunak's Electoral Stronghold

In a significant win, the Labour Party has secured victory in the first-ever mayoral election for York and North Yorkshire, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s electoral stronghold, in the UK local polls on Friday.

Described as a “historic” triumph, Labour’s David Skaith, a local businessman from York, clinched the York and North Yorkshire combined authority mayoral elections. Skaith garnered 66,761 votes, surpassing his Conservative rival Keane Duncan, who secured 51,967 votes, and Liberal Democrats candidate Felicity Cunliffe-Lister, who trailed in third with 30,867 votes.


According to the BBC, 191,279 votes, representing just under 30% of the electorate, were cast in the race to become the region’s inaugural mayor.

A Labour Party spokesperson expressed jubilation, stating that Sunak’s constituents had chosen Labour over the Tories. The spokesperson hailed the victory as “truly historic,” emphasizing that Labour, under Keir Starmer’s leadership, prevailed in Sunak’s stronghold.


Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB KC, the Leader of the Opposition and the Labour Party, had endorsed Skaith’s candidacy in Sunak’s constituency.

Addressing supporters at Harrogate’s Convention Centre following his win, Skaith expressed gratitude to his family, staff, and supporters, highlighting the opportunity to unite York and North Yorkshire and foster collective growth.

Skaith underscored the electorate’s message, stating, “The message is clear from York and North Yorkshire that we want change.”

Meanwhile, in response to his defeat, Duncan expressed disappointment but acknowledged the campaign’s efforts in reaching various parts of the county.


Reflecting on his victory in an interview with the BBC, Skaith emphasized his commitment to York and North Yorkshire, citing his personal and professional ties to the region. He highlighted the need for fresh political voices and expressed frustration with the lack of consistency in political discourse over the years.

Skaith’s background as a local businessman and family man resonated with voters, who sought a departure from traditional political rhetoric and a focus on tangible change and accountability.


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