Karina – Nezie Obi

Otuoke is a small place. A very small place. It might seem big but it’s a small place. A particular event painted it out boldly for me.
The year was 2018, I was still a fresher. A fresher in all aspects. Unblemished skin unaffected by the hot sun, unaffected by the unfriendly otuoke Fanta bathing water and the renowned ninja mosquitoes.
In a nutshell, your boy was fresh as fuck.
I had a girlfriend then, within the first month of my admission. It was all red roses and candy for us then.
I stayed in a lodge close to the girl’s hostel, the hostel being run by rules unfavorable to the human belly and pockets.
As an occupant of the hostels, you are not allowed to cook. That was what turned me off from staying in the hostel.
Students always being students would definitely think on the margin. Students would go to nearby logdes to cook and take food back into the hostels.
I had a relative of mine in the hostel who would always come by to cook. I had a secondary school classmate who would also come by to cook. I was well accommodating to them because I understood what they were going through. Soon, their friends would also come by to cook. My house was almost an official kitchen to the girls of Mama Jonathan girl’s hostel.
I would get the occasional hailing from logdemates calling me the ladies man, odogwu, brostitute, fisherman and so many others.
My girlfriend became worried of the amount of girls that are always in my place whenever she comes by. They troop in and out like soldiers in concentration camps.
I kept on hearing her complaints but i gave a deaf ear because in mind, I was a philanthropist who was in service to humanity.
One evening, she came by. She sat me down like a student and started complaining again. I could feel the anger in her voice. I find it hard to remember what she was talking about but what I remember fully is that, on thing led to another and she started shouting and raging. I was tired of the nagging and incessant quarels. I just wanted it to end.
There was a knock on the door. “Who is that?”
“It’s Karina”
I opened the door, she came in. There she stood holding a big nylon with edibles inside. Ingredients she’d use to cook. She just just walked straight into the kitchen like the house was hers.
My girlfriend immediately stood up, carried her bag and she left. I understood why she left. She couldn’t take it. She was wary of Karina.
Karina has the body of what you’d call a Nembe goddess. I need not explain what Nembe girls are known for.
Karina was a nice and easy going person. She calls me most nights to check up on me and ask about classes.
She was done cooking. She ate what she cooked and left little for me. We sat there for a long time conversing. We were so absorbed in the moment that we didn’t keep track of time. When I checked the time. It was 10:25pm.
Too late for her to go back to the hostel. She bought the idea of sleeping over.
She came out of the bathroom, cleaned her body with my towel and laid down to sleep on my bed. I slept on the floor because I was being a gentleman.
Long into the night, the tiles became cold and I was shivering. She noticed and gave me an invite to the bed. I accepted.
Let it be known in all lands that I didn’t make the first move.
Her hands were all over me. I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t say no to nature.
I fell victim to her seduction.
It was about to go down.
Long story short, she was turned on. I reached for a condom. I placed a pillow under her waist. Her legs came open, and at that moment, I became traumatized. The atmosphere of the room changed. Karina scarred me for life.
Do we all know fufu? I mean processed cassava. My people call it akpu.
You know the smell fufu leaves on your hand for days after you eat it?
Now, imagine fufu that has overstayed its welcome. Imagine the smell. That was what was before me. Liquefied fufu.
I couldn’t take it any longer. My instrument became flaccid.
She might have thought that I wasn’t man enough but I just paused for a moment and laid down on the floor.
What a waste of cheating!
The bed was a no go area for me. I sun dried the bed for days. The pillow suffered most. The pillow that everything dripped on. I sun-dried it for 2 additional days.
I thought it was over.
Kuro visited me not long after, he sat down on my bed. With time he laid down. And he reached for my pillow.
He gave me a puzzled look and exclaimed
“Karina come this house?! “
Story Written By Nezie Obi
Karina - Nezie Obi
Karina – Nezie Obi

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