Kaduna Abduction: Student Describes Bandits’ Tactics and Escape

Kaduna Abduction: Student Describes Bandits' Tactics and Escape

In a gripping tale of survival, Mustapha Abubakar, a student abducted by bandits from Kuriga in Kaduna State, shares his daring escape from captivity. Alongside nearly 280 other children, Abubakar endured the terrifying ordeal. Still, his resilience led him back to safety, reuniting him with his family and bringing hope to a community gripped by fear.

The kidnapping, which targeted children as young as 5 and up to 18 years old, sent shockwaves through the region. Abubakar’s firsthand account, shared with BBC Hausa, sheds light on their challenges during captivity.


According to Abubakar, the bandits herded them like animals, forcing them through thick bushes and rough terrain. Thirst and exhaustion plagued the group, with some children collapsing from fatigue along the way. The bandits resorted to lifting these weary souls onto motorcycles to keep pace.

Their journey was fraught with danger at every turn. Crossing a river, they quenched their thirst before pressing on, all while a plane hovered ominously overhead, a constant reminder of their vulnerable situation.


With provisions running low, hunger became a constant companion. The bandits struggled to find food, surviving on leaves and wild fruits, leaving the children with nothing to eat but their resilience.

In a moment of opportunity, Abubakar seized his chance for freedom. Concealing himself in a shrub that blended with the surroundings, he moved stealthily, evading detection until silence descended, signalling his chance to escape.

Emerging from his hiding place, Abubakar embarked on a perilous journey to freedom. Guided by instinct, he encountered an older man struggling to navigate the terrain, seeking directions to safety before pressing on toward Gayan, a nearby community.

Abubakar’s escape serves as a beacon of hope in adversity. His bravery and resourcefulness inspire others to never lose hope, even in the darkest times.


As Abubakar reunites with his family, his story underscores the urgent need to address banditry and insecurity in Kaduna State. It calls for collective action to protect innocent lives and ensure a future free from fear and uncertainty.


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