Jubilations as Zugacoin Can now be exchange With Other Currencies

SCAM ALERT: Lies, Deception of Zugacoin and why you should not invest

There was jubilation and Celebrations for investors of the African Princess Zugacoin following the launch of it’s debut Exchange platform “Samzuga Exchange” and other services.

The Samzuga Exchange which is the official Exchange platform has been launch across states in Nigeria.

According to the Inventor he said ” By the privilege given to me by the most High God to spearhead the world revival that is sparking in Africa, He has given me the vision and the provision, the unction to function, the right people to do the right thing at the right time.”

“I am hereby Commissioning 5 digital platforms that will redefine Africa’s financial direction and kick start the wave of financial revolution in Africa.”

1. www.Africancoinmarketcap.com: This is advanced coinmarketcap for Africa and from Africa with the intention to replace the leading tracker across Africa region* THIS PLATFORM IS BUILT ON CLOUD SPEED TECHNOLOGY WITH THE ABILITY TO PROVIDE INSTANT UPDATE FOR ALL REGISTERED CRYPTOCURRENCY IN MILI-SECONDS.

2. Samzuga Exchange: Official p2p exchange platform for Zugacoin Cryptocurrency* Trading Zugacoin against Naira. (and other African fiat currencies) to be updated later



We shall be sending videos to you on how to use these platforms and become financially stable.
We shall be organizing trainings at various locations across Africa to guide interested people.
We shall be upgrading the platforms from time to time to serve our people better.
Many more projects are coming.
I hereby commission these Digital Platforms in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

As a Yoruba person always says”thanks for yesterday” I am saying the same to you this morning.
Yesterday was a day of fulfilment to me. What happened yesterday is the same as Commissioning 5 industries one day.

If you know you know. You will understand what God is using me to do in Africa and the world few months from now.

Thank you for believing in me and obeying a nobody like me. You are not doing it to a small me but to HE who sent me. Keep on obeying to obtain the reward of obedience as it is written in Isaiah 1:19(if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land).

The benefits of what took place yesterday are very many. One of them is to help even someone with only 10,000 to have 1,000,000 before December 2021 if the person is following instructions strictly.

The era of making money through oil and gas has passed, it is now the time for E-commerce. This is the time when you stop working for money but money should rather be working for you.

As democracy is taking over the world, that is how Cryptocurrency will take over transactions all over the world. Cryptocurrency is Democratic money. This is money of the people by the people and for the people. Cryptocurrency is being controlled by the people not Government. That is why it is impossible to ban it except you shut down the internet.

Demo videos would be posted on Bishop Sam Zuga page on Facebook shortly, you can download and continue learning how to make money at the comfort of your home. It is time to turn money to become your slave, not you been a slave to money, if you didn’t go to the market to sell, you will not eat that day? Not again!

Anytime you notice something wrong on any of the Platforms, just report immediately, don’t start panicking as if your money will lost, it could be a technical issue that could be resolved.

Many of you that are yet to be credited would be credited, the disbursement team is still moving, when they are through, they would be posted to each State to correct all irregularities.
Thank you and God bless you.


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