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I’ve never opened my mouth to manhandle Goodluck Jonathan – Amaechi

The quick past Governor of Rivers State and momentum Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi, has said that he had never manhandled previous President Goodluck Jonathan.

Amaechi said notwithstanding when President Jonathan’s wife  Patience commandeered the security of Rivers State and superintended over it from her home, he (Amaechi) was as yet quiet.

Amaechi expressed this in a meeting with writers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, at the end of the week.

The Minister said that Governor Nyesom Wike has everything working for him and superintends over security board, pondering what else the Governor could be searching for other than to denounce the APC in Rivers.

Amaechi stated, “There is a contrast among young men and men. I never opened my mouth to abuse Goodluck, to compromise or tell the world, gracious Gooodluck is confronting me with viciousness, they are arresting my people

“I never did. At that point, when I assemble for Security Council conference, no one will visit. The then Director of DSS, will come on face top at 12 midnight with a taxi as mask, just to brief me about security of the state.

“Presently the Director of SSS strolls into his office, the magistrate strolls into his office, Brigade Commander, GOC stroll to him.

“Why has he quit grumbling about these individuals? Since they are with him, instructions him.

“As Rivers Governor, Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan superintended over security chamber in her home. I was representative and a hitched lady, not a staff of government was superintending over security.

“Presently, the legislative head of the state superintends over security gathering, so what is he searching for other than to denounce the APC in Rivers?

“We console Nigerians and the senator to turn out and vote individuals they need. We anticipate the police, armed force to give the important security.

“We won’t permit Wike rehash what he has been doing. When we were battling crooks in the state, I use to drive out with the Brigade Commander. We rested 5am and woke up 9am to go to work, yet Wike dozes during the evening.

I’ve never opened my mouth to mishandle Goodluck Jonathan – Amaechi

“The battle around then was you can lay down with your two eyes shut, while we open our eyes. Those we sent on grant he brought back, saying they are not Rivers individuals.

“Business has fell in Rivers. That is the reason wrongdoing rate is high. Individuals are moving back to Lagos.

“NLNG must be lamenting now since we guaranteed them of security, reason they consented to move their central command here. Presently their central command is here, they are not sheltered as we guaranteed them. I joined legislative issues in 1987.

“Let one government official beat his chest and state there was a gathering I gone to in which we procured hooligans. I trust the formal security is sufficient to ensure lives and property.”

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