It is an Oath, Fulani will never conquer and occupy Biafra Land – Nnamdi Kanu

SSS Providing Medical Care To Nnamdi Kanu, Lawyer Says After Meeting Him

Nnamdi  Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has revealed that he and IPOB are under oath to make sure Biafra Land (The Old Eastern Nigeria)  will not be conquered and occupied.

Nnamdi Kanu said ” This is the fraudulent creation someone who claimed to be a graduate with PHD will tell you he is proud of it! While Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was busy defending a fictitious entity created by Lugard and his girlfriend, his fulani counterparts were busy advancing their quest to dip the Koran inside the Atlantic ocean.”

“This whole mess started as a result of the deceit by the Fulani on the Hausa and other indigenous northerners. They claimed to be fighting corruption for them while inturn they came for their land.”

“In 1804, They carried out a Jihad, established Emirates and enthroned their emirs(Fulani people). They changed the original name of Gobir to Sokoto and took over the leadership of the indigenous population till date.”

“Today No original Hausa man has ever ruled Nigeria even when they’re being used to rig elections. This same invasion was what they tried in Yoruba land precisely Illorin where Ajonja allowed it and today, illorin which was originally a Yoruba land is now under the Fulani oligarchy. This same quest is still ongoing today.”

“Ahmadu Bello categorically stated it that Nigeria is an inheritance from their forefathers (Othman Danfodio) and they will make sure that the indigenous population do not control their destiny!.”

“Don’t also forget that Six years ago, I told you all that the Fulani would come, rape your women and take over your land while the so called Army and police will protect them instead of protecting you!. Today it is happening before your eyes!”

“They have successfully closed the mouth of every southern so called leaders with the hope of presidency or vice president every four years To the Hausas, Kanuri and other indigenous tribes in the north, You must rise up now and regain your freedom from these Invaders.”

“As for Biafra Land, Let me assure the cabals in Aso rock once again that it is going to be the last place the Fulani will ever conquer and occupy!!. It is an oath!”

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