Innocence Shattered: Gunmen’s Rampage Claims One-Year-Old, 15 Homes in Lagos (Updated)

20 detained for storming oyo assembly


A horrific scene unfolded in the quiet riverine community of Egan Oriomi Otto in Ojo as over 100 gunmen stormed the area, setting ablaze numerous homes in the early hours of today. Amid the chaos, a 15-month-old baby, helpless in his sleep, perished in the flames while his father, Taiwo Israel, bore the unbearable weight of his charred remains.


The rampage left a trail of devastation, with at least 15 homes reduced to ashes and property worth millions destroyed. Ten individuals fell victim to the gunmen’s bullets, while others, including a frail 90-year-old man, suffered grievous machete wounds.

Recounting the harrowing ordeal, Taiwo Israel, still grappling with shock and grief, narrated how he had left for work the previous day, leaving his wife and two children behind. His wife’s frantic calls during the night, reporting gunfire and, later, the inferno engulfing their home, will forever haunt him. Despite efforts by his father-in-law to rescue the sleeping baby, he, too, fell victim to the attackers’ brutality.


The devastated community, in the wake of this senseless violence, plans to stage a protest at the governor’s office, demanding justice and protection from further harm.

Roots of Conflict

The roots of this tragic incident delve deep into the community’s unresolved disputes over traditional leadership. Residents attribute the attack to the contentious installation of a traditional ruler, which has stirred tensions among rival factions. The installation of a non-indigene as the traditional ruler, against the wishes of the community, has fueled resentment and unrest.

Lawal Adesegun, a self-proclaimed crown prince, shed light on the longstanding feud, citing ownership disputes and political interference as catalysts for the violence. Despite legal victories affirming their right to leadership, Adesegun laments the thwarting of justice by influential politicians who have manipulated the process for their gain.

Calls for Intervention

Desperate for reprieve from the cycle of violence and injustice, residents appeal to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to intervene and uphold the rule of law. They plead for recognition of their rightful leader, Oba Moshood Olarewaju, whose absence due to insecurity has left the community vulnerable to external aggression.

Survivors Speak Out

Among the survivors is Joel Babatunde, a young farmer who narrowly escaped death at the hands of the gunmen. His testimony echoes the indiscriminate brutality inflicted upon innocent residents, who were caught off guard by the sudden onslaught.

Mohamed, another resident, recounts the widespread destruction, lamenting the loss of homes and livelihoods. He emphasizes the urgent need for decisive action to prevent further bloodshed and displacement.

Exodus and Uncertainty

In the aftermath of the attack, fear grips the community as residents flee in search of safety, abandoning their once-peaceful homes. Those left homeless by the carnage grapple with uncertainty, unsure of what tomorrow may bring.

Hope Amidst Despair

Despite the darkness that envelops Egan Oriomi Otto, there remains a glimmer of hope in its people’s resilience. Armed police officers stand guard, a beacon of security amidst the chaos, offering a semblance of protection to those who remain.

As the sun sets on this tragic day, the echoes of gunfire fade into the night, leaving behind a shattered community grappling with grief and uncertainty. Yet, amidst the ashes, the flame of resilience flickers, a testament to the enduring spirit of Egan Oriomi Otto.


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