Inksnation releases How to Exchange Pinkoin to Naira + Roadmap for 2021 First Quarter

Pinkoin can now be bought and Sold (Traded) - Inksnation DAO

The leadership of Inksnation, Ibsmartify has released guidelines on how to Exchange Pinkoin to Naira as well as 2021 Roadmap which covers the first quarter.

Inksnation which has completed it’s primary collective mass agreement when it got to 180 Members (Living Nodes) has now moved to beating up the Secondary Collective Mass agreement of 18,000,000 Million Members (Living Nodes)

Although In our Previous publication we explained the Cryptocurrency of Inksnation Pinkoin that is it a User based Cryptocurrency an not affected with Demand and Supply.

As members gets ready to start exchanging their Pinkoin to Naira, Inksnation has released Guidelines as to proper way to go about smooth exchanging and Actuatilizing the CMA of 180Million Members.

“IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP-  Our project is not time-oriented rather it is target-oriented and its centered around making human asset investment the biggest and best investment before 2025.”

“180 Sovereign Currencies are represented as 180 Living Nodes needed for a Proof of Love Consensus or Collective Mass Agreement (CMA).”

“180 multiplies by 10 also gives birth to Minor CMAs like 1,800 LN, 18,000 LN, 180,000LN and Major CMA’s like 18 Million LN, 180 Million LN and 1,8 Billion Living Nodes”

How to Exchange Pinkoin to Naira / Other Currencies: Guidelines

For Each Member to have access to Funds or Account, You must have your Inksnation Account Verified with your BVN which is your Bank Verification Number. The BVN Verification will start on the 12th November and run through the 12th of December 2020.

Inksnation Pinkoin Exchange to Naira and other currencies will properly commence December 14th 2020.

Massive Inksnation Market “7 Days Inks Digital Market” in 36 States In Nigeria an the Federal Capital Territory will commence from 14th December to 20th of December 2020. Christmas and New Year benefit for All members inclusive.

Meanwhile Starting from November 12th 2020 a massive International Fintech Upgrade and Microfinance Bank Integration will commence and last till March 21st 2021.

“Exchange for Children will wait till upgrade is done in March 2021.”

“As Part of Our Cashless Policy Exchanging to Cash will only be possible for International Members while Nigerians will focus on Exchange for goods an Services”

“International Members will also bear with as we need to be registered in your country before we can function fully or hen we are done with out International Fintech Upgrade”

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Inksnation releases How to Exchange Pinkoin to Naira + Roadmap for 2021 First Quarter
Inksnation releases How to Exchange Pinkoin to Naira + Roadmap for 2021 First Quarter

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