Inksnation Pinkoin Status Updates

Inksnation Prepares for Major Come Back

Inksnation Pinkoin Downtimes and Active time are being monitored here, including issues arising from the server.

4th, September 2020-


  • 6pm – is working perfectly and very fast
  • seems to be working but takes time to load.
  • is also working; sign-in and sign up is also working
  • is not working (403 Forbidden)
  • is not working perfectly
  • is working fast but still on testing (Don’t use for now)

3rd, September 2020-

INKSNATION.COM, INKSNATION.ORG Working Very Fine and when tried from multiple devices it was working perfect and adequately fast.

The sign-up and login page are also working well.

MAINTENANCE ON INKSNATION.IO seems not to be working perfectly for mobile users (8am- 9pm) but at about 9:19pm server seems to be accepting request and running.

The Login page seems not to be working perfectly as it takes time to load. We collated reports from other users which return that they cannot be able to login also.

INKSNATION.BIZ Not WORKING extention is not working, when loaded it comes up with 403 Forbidden (nginx)

1st – September 2020

Inksnation Recent Updates on Withdrawal/Exchange

  • -No More Withdrawal (Exchange) till September 12th 2020
  • No More Daily UCBI – All UCBI will drop once in a month ( Every 12th) to your spendables Balance ie 120k
  • End users to withdraw monthly only (10%)
  • All Other funds in your spendables moves to DCRB


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