Inksnation Pinkoin boss gifts Laycon, Nengi other finalist 1 Million Naira each

Inksnation Pinkoin boss gifts Laycon, Nengi other finalist 1 Million Naira

Laycon, Nengi, Dorathy, Neo and Vee, finalists of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition 2020 will be gifted by Inksnaion the World’s First Philanthropic Blockchain (InksLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust decentralized autonomous organization.

The house of Omotade-Sparks (aka Universal Daddy Ink), and CEO of Inksnation has announced that they will be giving the 5 BBNaija finalist the sum of 1 million naira cash each just ‘for dash’ and also they will be get brand ambassadorship deals from Inksnation.

The announcement was made in the weekly meeting of Inks on Saturday and thereafter a pool was conducted to vote which of the ambassadorship deals each finalist will be selected for.

5 Ambassadorship Positions For BBNaija Finalists From Inksnation

Out of the 5 BBNaija finalist, Vee, Neo, Laycon, Nengi & Dorathy, Laycon was by veto power chosen to be the Inks Ambassador for Peace, while voting was done to decide who will be the Inks Ambassador for Love, Inks Ambassador for Unity, Inks Ambassador for Oneness and Inks Ambassador for Equitable Distribution of Wealth.

After the pool, Nengi emerged as the Love Ambassador, Dorathy as Unity Ambassador, Vee as Oneness Ambassador and Neo as Equity Ambassador. While Laycon remains Peace Ambassador.

Laycon will also be receiving an extra price of 1 million naira from the house of Omotade Sparks to carter for the medical bills of his mother.

I wish to give Laycon another extra 1m cash and cater for the cost of his mothers treatment/checkup. I try to hide it but I love that guy called Laycon Mr. Omotade-Sparks announced.

Also in his speech, Mr. Sparks, the Universal Daddy Ink made it clear that he will be footing the bills of the endorsement, he only need the input of Inksnation member on deciding who will get each position.

“It is one thing for us to vote it’s another for them to accept to become our ambassadors. We will shoot our shots.”

“Whatever the endorsement will cost its even gonna be on the House of Omotade-Sparks. Yes, we will foot the bill by God’s Grace but I just needed the Universal Childrens Input.”


1. Some are already condemning them, I don’t watch BBN but the majority of our target audience does so you know what that means.
2. This is one united global family we don’t discriminate or segregate even evil persons from good that’s why we ignore enemies because we believe they don’t know what they are doing.
3. With them we can achieve Mass Adoption easily.
4. They are doing what they do because that kind of environment is what’s created but they can also be brought into our own world and they will also perform while we achieve massively from it.

Nobody is perfect, we are all trying our best, and we must learn to love humanity just for humanity sake.

iBSmartify Nigeria invented the World’s First Blockchain For Human Asset Development (InksLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) which can end poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivising goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth.

We introduce a totally different type of currency ” The Rise of The Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency”

Our Native Reserve Cryptocurrency is Pinkoin which is the Primary Coin on the InksLeder Blockchain therefore we are on a mission to end poverty in Nigeria on or before August, 2020 for as many as are willing to become a living node on our Blockchain.

PinKoin will pay every single Nigerian, African and the World at Large including babies born everyday a minimum of N4,000 ($11) worth of pinkoin daily which is N120,000 ($330) worth of pinkoin monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income)

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