Inksnation Launches Human Asset Token Version 2 HATOK

May 12th: Do Not Expect Anything From Inksnation - Founder

The makers of Pinkoin and Pinkmoney has just lauched the version 2 of Human Asset Token.

The Token code: 0xeb9a5cee5ece46338c82bde90af677585ee6f806


It can be bought using Pancakeswap.



The use of tokens in the digital world came about as a means of replacing sensitive data with a non-sensitive digital equivalent

While tokenization is a highly useful tool in PCI data security, when combined with blockchain it becomes exponentially more powerful. When a token is issued on a blockchain, the blockchain records the issuance and maintains a ledger of every single movement of that token.

A critical feature of blockchain with regards to tokens is that it overcomes the “double-spend” problem. Before blockchain, any digital asset such as an image, or document, could be copied an infinite number of times by anyone with access to it.

Consider an email trail with an attachment — everyone on the email trail has their own copy of that attachment.
The creation of Bitcoin overcame this issue by using a distributed ledger to keep a permanent, immutable record of Bitcoin transactions.



Humanity Asset and Tokenization

Humanity is the most valuable asset on Earth, inevitable and we give every other thing value including money, houses, cars but we forget to give ourselves value.

The world has gone so bad that just like the palliatives has revealed that poverty is rampant, it’s also showing that in no time if we don’t correct the system the poor will rise up against the rich because of the anger and poverty in the land.

What is an Asset
An asset is anything that has value or gives value but accounting will say it’s anything that brings in cash why liabilities are anything that takes away money from you.

This definition unveils the reason why human beings are not valued eg the more children you have, the more liabilities you have “from pampers to Schools Fees, etc”

What is Tokenization
Tokenization is the art of taking anything of value or any asset and representing it’s worth in a Digital form.

Eg of Tokenized Assets: Gold, Watch, House, Land, Paintings, and so much more but no one has ever thought of Tokenizing Humanity.



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