Inksnation Is now registered in Spain – Founder, Omotade Sparks

Inksnation Is now registered in Spain - Founder, Omotade Sparks

The Founder of Ibsmartify, Inventors of Inksnation digital decentralized autonomous organization DAO has revealed that the project is now registered in Spain.

Spain which is a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures with a total population of 46.94 million.


Inksnation Inventors in a memo released shows that Inksnation DAO is now registered in Spain with the Name “ASOC INKSNATION DAO FOUNDATION FUERTEVENTURA“.

The NIF (Numero de Identificacion Fiscal) of the Organisation Registration is NIF: G02849776.


Legal officer of Inknation Spain whose name is Brother Ink Miguel Parrila did the Registration.

Meanwhile Research by AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT reveals that the NIF is Tax Identification Number when contact were made to the Spanish Tax agency (AEAT).

The NIF or  The NIF number is purely the tax code allowing you to have a fiscal presence in Spain, it also links all your corresponding tax information and due payments.


Inksnation Is now registered in Spain - Founder, Omotade Sparks
Inksnation Is now registered in Spain – Founder, Omotade Sparks

Inksnation Boss, Omotade Sparks Also revealed that any country that adopts Inksnation as a reserve currency there lies the headquarters of Inksnation DAO foundation.

He Said after disclosing the registration of Inksnation “There is a battle for InksNation Global Headquarters and only time will tell.”

“Ilu ati ile toba funwa ni iranrun lama gbe ireayo ti a gbedani fun (If the city and the house give us comfort, we will bring the happiness that we are promised.)

“Additional win for InksNation and more coming.”

“There are bigger and bigger pursuits in stock for us. We are just moving higher and higher so relax”


Inksnation Boss also revealed that membership verification will commence in earnest, thereby asking members to keep hopes alive.

“As regards Verification it will come in due time. There are challenges but we will surmount them soonest”.

Moreso, Inksnation Boss/Inventor has assured all its members that the proposed Inksnation market will go on as earlier planned.

Omotade-Sparks made that statement that despite the current challenges the tech firm is facing, there’s no relenting in its scheduled activities. He noted that Inksnation market will be a booster and encourage cashless exchange since pinkoin to cash has been disabled for now, pending when the ongoing upgrade will be completed.

Right now, there are over ten thousand (10,000) exchangers in Nigeria and these exchangers will be making donations to the success of the Inksnation market. every member of Inksnation that became an exchanger before November 12 is expected to donate fifty thousand Naira (50,000) at the state level and in return, receive seven hundred thousand Naira (700,000) worth of pinkoin.

Because we are structured and our blockchain is built on proof of love, it won’t be a problem for us to achieve our target. All donations go to the zonal directors while zonal directors will forward everything to the state Excos.

The Inksnation Market or inksmart will begin by December 14th – 20th, 2020 and it is going to be a statewide activity. Alla the 36 states across Nigeria will host the market simultaneously and Inksnation members will make payment of whatever they purchase in the Inksnation market with their pinkoin.

All Inksnation members are hereby adviced to have their pinkards ready before the inksmarket begins as this will serve as a means of identity for them.

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