Inksnation DAO set to Launch Official Mobile App

Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling as Merchants gets Verified

The Inksnation Decentralized autonomous organization is now set to launched the long awaited Mobile App which will help Exchange of it’s Parent coin Pinkoin to fiat currencies.

As repositioning and upgrade of the Inksnation Project, the Decentralized Application (DAPP) will have many features as revealed by the inventor, Amos Sewanu Sparks of Nigeria.

The Project which emanated from Nigeria one of the populous country of the World in West Africa has hit 6,906,220 members (Living Node) as at the time of filing this article.

The Project which is aim at raiding poverty across the world and most in Nigeria has finally deem it necessary to release the long awaited App.

The Inksnation DAPP is The Inksnation Decentralized Application which will be available on Google Playstore, apple store and as well as many other App Stores globally.

Features of Inksnation App

Inventor of Inksnation has revealed that Inksnation app will have many features/ function ranging from social media features, group features, chat features  universal wallet address for crypto and fiat and as well as many more features underway.

“As part of our plans for upgrade inksnation is now registered in Spain, Ghana, Malta, USA,  upcoming registration includes, Canada, Estonia, UK, Phillipines, Kenya And more other” Amos said.

“The year has started very busy for us there are so many works on ground so permit us to get busy on all we are doing.”

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INKSNATION is a global movement and a global digital community which has positioned herself for this season of digital economy.

INKSNATION is not a business or an investment company.

INKSNATION exists to enthrone Inksledger Financial System as against the debt-based financial system we are currently using world wide.

*One of the main aims of INKSNATION is to develop an ecosystem of cryptocurrency (Pinkoin) users.*

We will be spending Pinkoin among ourselves, and with affiliated Pinkoin accepting merchants; as well as do minimal exchange through our integrated banks, most likely, from the month of May, 2021.

We are pursuing a cashless economy where the carrying about of physical cash will become highly reduced.

During this period of a well formed ecosystem, we will be able to spend our Pinkoin readily to make purchases with merchants in the community. It is not going to be like the type of Inksmarkets we have created so far. You will be able to buy almost anything you want at your own designated time and place. There will be no stress to make purchases when the real usage of Pinkoin picks off.

I will also like for us to know that the money you paid to join INKSNATION is a non-refundable membership fee that qualifies you to become members of the association. It is not an investment where you must make good financial input from time to time to be able to get your dividends as its the case with bitcoin, etherium and others.

Rather than putting in your cash to trade or invest as with other cryptocurrencies, INKSNATION DAO FOUNDATION pays you a monthly Universal Basic Income in her native currency – Pinkoin. This pinkoin can be spent within our community ecosystem, or exchanged among ourselves since it is a user-based cryptocurrency.

In user-based cryptocurrency, the more the users the better for the currency. When we have millions and millions of people trading or transacting business with pinkoin on daily basis, the currency begins to gain value, recognition, and wider acceptance locally and internationally.

It will then gain acceptance in the coin market where we can begin to exchange our pinkoin for other currencies of the world. When this happens, a number of financial institutions like the banks will begin to look at the possibilities of accepting our Pinkoin for exchange to fiat money or physical cash. And because the CBN and SEC have given their approval for cryptocurrency operations in Nigeria, the CBN will begin to look at the ways in which pinkoin or our blockchain can be integrated into the banking systems.

Whatever we have tried to do as per exchange or localized Inksmarkets so far, was carried out to help us have an idea of what INKSNATION is driving towards, and to help allay the fears of scamming in many quaters.

We have exchanged pinkoin to cash prematurely, we have arranged Inksmarkets prematurely and all was done in the bid to help the Nigerian people to appreciate inksnation’s plan of action in the long run.

Let us therefore be more intelligently informed concerning the economic relevance and agenda of INKSNATION DAO FOUNDATION. We cannot achieve all these laudable objectives if our people lack basic understanding of the inksnation project.

Information brings about Reformation. Reformation brings about purpose which in turn brings about positive character, and this leads to commitment towards dream actualization.

A time will come when Pinkoin will become a financial instrument highly sought after as it would have achieved an international status and gain great value and relevance in world commercial activities just like the dollar is today. Pinkoin will become far more relevant in business transactions than the bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies in the nearest future.

The system of things in the world is moving in digital direction; currencies inclusive. That is what inksnation Pinkoin is driving towards as well.
Your active involvement can help to fast track the entire process by getting more families and communities to register on the digital system. It will surely bring great relief to many families. Poverty will be adequately checked among Africans if we would give it the support it deserves. Help INKSNATION to serve you better.

We have so much to offer the world. Keep up your faith in the system. It will not fail!


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