Impending Crisis at Ejigbo NNPC Depot as Tanker Union Divides into Factions

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A potential crisis is unfolding at the NNPC Satellite Depot in Ejigbo, Lagos, as a faction of the tanker drivers union threatens to prevent the imposition of a caretaker committee at the depot. This faction, claiming majority status, is determined to resist the imposition and has reportedly armed itself with dangerous weapons for a potential confrontation with the caretaker committee members upon their arrival at Ejigbo Depot.

Despite pleas from their leaders to maintain peace, this faction insists that one of their leaders betrayed them by signing a peace accord with the police, DSS, and Zone 2 of the Nigerian Police, Onikan, Lagos. They expressed dissatisfaction that their concerns at the depot needed to be adequately addressed, pointing to the appointment of a caretaker committee, which extended to almost a year instead of serving for three months as intended.


One member of the group, speaking during a meeting at Ejigbo, stated that the national body’s intervention was unsuccessful, leading to the appointment of a caretaker committee. They emphasize that the case involving the national leadership is in court. Still, the opposing faction disregarded it and is pushing for the continued existence of the caretaker committee at Ejigbo. The disgruntled faction is adamant in resisting this move vehemently, asserting that the only path to peace at the Ejigbo depot is through elections.


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