Imo: I have been wrong, I Will Never Condemn Nnamdi Kanu – Ralph Uwazurike

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Ralph Uwazuruike the leader of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra has berated the Nigeria Police Boss for casting blame on Indigenous people of Biafra quickly without thorough investigation.

You will recall that the Imo State Prisons was broken into which led to the freedom of over 1850 prisoners, not up to 2 hours of the attack the Nigeria Police released a statement casting IPOB to be behind the attack.


Although the Indigenous People of Biafra has washed it hands saying they never engineered the attack and as always been a peaceful organization.

Ralph Uwazurike who appeared on BBC News Pidgin said he has been wrong thinking that there is security in the south east but this incidence made him to rethink and appreciate the Eastern Security Network Formation while berating the Nigeria Police and intelligence agencies of being incompent.


He also noted that it was premature to pin-point a peaceful group (IPOB) for carrying out the freedom attack on the Nigeria prison in Imo State.

“So Supposing after investigation you then discover it was not IPOB, what will the Nigeria Police Do, it is very premature to point them without investigation.”

“Up to hundred Unknown gunmen came into Owerri, Where they were planning it no body knew, the DSS didn’t get any intelligence what are they even working, the conspiracy was carried out and no one knew about. They came into Owerri sacked Prison service, Sacked State CID, God save us they didn’t carry our governor Hope Uzodinma.

“I was expecting the Nigeria Police boss and the Nigeria Intelligence Agency boss to resign for their incompetence”


Ralph Uwazurike also berated Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari for not given orders to killers of Ebonyi people and more also.



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