If only Buhari is still alive


When King Solomon died, the people approached his Son Rehoboam to request that he lightens their burdens which was forced on them by his father. They promised to serve him if only he would grant them this one request.

However, after taking counsels, Rehoboam gave them an honest reply, “My father forced you to work hard, but I will make you work much harder! My father punished you with whips, but I will punish you with whips that have sharp metal tips.”

That reply, was in no way a gentle man’s response to a people who pledge their loyalty on the condition he treats them well as is expected of a good leader. But at least, he was honest with the people and it resulted in parting of ways.

In stark contrast however, Buhari came to power with so much promises which in truth, is nothing new as far as politics is concerned. It is not as if Nigerians were never deceived by politicians in the past, but the shear disapproval of Jonathan and calls for a change, can be likened with the case of King Rehoboam and his people.

Nigerians had felt Goodluck Jonathan was the Solomon of our time who performed so badly that the people wouldn’t mind the second coming of a President whose first rule didn’t last long due to what General Babangida (rtd) described as a regime that left Nigerians frustrated, and ripe for a coup.

Nigerians where hoping for a messiah in Buhari, despite his outrageous promises which we all know won’t make it beyond just, well, ‘promises’.

Less than two years into his administration, the President made London his second home as he battles for his life. Then, rumors surfaced that the Buhari Nigerians voted for in 2015, has died.

While in truth there wasn’t any significant stride by the administration before the President’s health deteriorated, his absence in the country and failure to allow his vice, Osinbajo, to fully take charge, was the moment the country began to go downhill and is yet to recover.

His health challenges then ushered in the age of the cabal who are said to be in charge, thereby relegating the vice president to Nothingness.

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Now, with the cabal in charge, it no longer matters that the president made a pact with Nigerians. It no longer matters that it does much worse, the very same things it accused the Jonathan administration of doing. It no longer matters that what the masses are asking for, is different from what the government is offering.

The steep diversion in policies since Buhari lost control of his government to the cabal, has all the more, support the claim that the Buhari in charge today, is different from the one who despite his failing health, went about campaigning and promising Nigerians “Change” prior to 2015 elections.

How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and fuel now sells for N160 and not N40? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and instead of creating millions of new jobs annually, millions of jobs were lost instead? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and Naira is valued at N470 to a dollar? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and Boko Haram, which he promised to end within months of taking over power, is still very much alive and strong? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and Nigerians are struggling to feed even once a day? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and corruption moves around freely with dollars stuffed in baban rigas, with thieves boldly vying to succeed him in 2023?

How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive, and the economy now survives on borrowings? How can the Buhari of 2015 be alive and instead of easing the sufferings of the people, government would rather hike the prices of fuel and electricity? In addition to squeezing every last penny in the possession of Nigerians through dubious means or policies?

How can a living President not feel the pains of even his 97 percent whom he said would be his top most priority? How can a living President sleep at night when tears of injustice continue to flood the streets of Nigeria? How can a living President demands that people pay more in utility bills and fuel, when there are no jobs nor are they able to earn enough to even feed their own families?

Surely, only a dead President would be this heartless because, well, a dead man feels nothing. There is just so much wrong with this administration to not realize it is lifeless.

Whether or not the man voted in 2015 is still alive and in charge, unless the lives of the masses begins to matter in its policy decisions, I am inclined to agree that the current government is by no means of the living, but of the dead. This is true because no living conscience would be as heartless as what we currently have in power.

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