I Will Discuss With Every Agitator As President, Says Peter Obi

What Nigeria needs in 2022 - Peter Obi reveals

He said this during The Peoples Townhall, a live event organised by Channels Television and its partners on Sunday.

“We are in a democratic dispensation; you govern by discussing, you govern by consensus. So, I will sit down and discuss with every agitator without exception of name. We must use carrot and stick (approach),” he said.


“I will discuss with those who want to discuss. You have to look at what is causing agitations today; it is issues of injustice, issues of where there is no fairness, issues to do with poverty, unemployment.

“When you start to address these issues and you engage them in discussions and you start bringing them to the table, no agitator anywhere in the world will see reason that things are going the way they ought to and will continue to agitate because they are agitating for something.”


Insisting that discussion is the best way to end agitations, the former Anambra State governor said that no agitator anywhere in the world will continue to agitate when they see that things are working the way they should or when they are given cogent reasons why certain decisions are being taken by the government.

The LP flag bearer maintained that agitation is not out of place in any democracy, arguing that even at home, children agitate, but when their parents sit them down and explain things to them, they see reason and eventually agree with them.

He said that Nigeria will continue to be in crisis if the government continues in what he described as injustice, unfairness, poverty, unemployment and young people not knowing where the next meal will come from.


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