How To Verify Pinkoin Inknation Wallet/Account KYC

Inksnation Prepares for Major Come Back

The Management of Inknation inventors of the firs Africa Cryptocurrency Pinkoin has released measures to Verify your Account Wallet in order to start transacting with the wallet.

The parent organisation Ibsmartify Nigeria limited has announced that usage of funds for those who registered before June 12th will commence August 12th, 2020.

In order to create a serene Ecosystem for the platform, Inknation have decided to implement a Know Your Customer KYC strategy to make sure one person is only tied to one account/wallet.

InksNation in Conjunction with Afritech Multiconcept Nig Ltd  have partnered to provide NIN (NIMC) with ease for members Protocols Proposed by NIMC consultant to ensure no double accounts.

NIN (NIMC) is the only medium of identification that includes kids and babies

Before you Continue Reading, Here is all you need to know about NIN-click here ot read.

KYC/Verification is strictly through NIN (NIMC) to be done at N200 (V), while New enrollment for  all including babies at N700 (EV)

Payment should be made fully before commencement using a link to be provided for it.

Members paying will have to fill their basic bio data via the link provided especially the local
government where they want to be captured or verified by choosing V for verification if you already
have your NIN or EV for new enrollment plus verification.

An auto generated code will be sent to you stating your choice of LG and service they have  chosen after paying using the link.

NIMC consultant desk officers addresses will be populated on our telegram platforms and on the
sign up link to be provided so that state coordinators and members can easily identify for access and  services

Only accredited InksNation members will be admitted for the exercise.

Members will have to go with their pinkard along with basic requirements for the capture   especially with the basic requirements for underage.

New enrollees will get interim certificate instantly while their NIN will be sent within 24 hours as a
text on their phone.

For those that can’t pay online or are not internet savvy you can contact the nearest Pinkoin
Exchanger point for assistance at a total cost of N300 with N100 to the Pinkoin Exchanger. (This is for verification), but for new enrollment it will be N800 with the extra N100 for the exchanger.

Before you continue reading, There is new method of verification using BVN – See how to

How to Verify Inksnation Account With BVN

(Contact Online  Exchanger email: [email protected]1)

Members of the public who will be interested in using this channel to be enrolled or otherwise
for NIN have to join InksNation first.

All payments for V=N200 or EV=N700 starts from 16th July to 27th July 2020 and will be through
the online portal provided by NIMC Consultant.

Physical enrollment and verifications at a center closest to you can start from 28th July till  forever.

Pinkoin Inknations Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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