How to Start Rubber Plantation

How to Start Rubber Plantation

One of the most beneficial estate crops universally, is the rubber crop. Rubber treešŸŒ² plant is one of the Earth’s most noteworthy characteristics assets.

Rubber tree is an incredible wellspring of latex, and also utilize as raw materials for manufacturing, and for furniture creation. The best advantage of rubber tree is the measure of carbon segregation from the environment it provides.
Rubber has an extraordinary export potential. It can live for a hundred years or much more.

Irrespective of it’s economic productivity like some other plantation crops, you should have adequate area of land for your rubber tree development. Moreover, the agroclimate and soil conditions of your region should fit for your rubber cultivation.

Also, before venturing into rubber plantation business, one needs to understand the term of the business.
Rubber plantation business is a long term business — so you won’t get any sort of return before 7years form the plantation.

You should be prepared for the impending ventures related with the development cycle, because rubber plantation is not a quick rich scheme, it’s a future investment whose economic life is around 32years -7 years immature phase, and 25years of productive phase. Following 30 years of rubber tapping, the tree is hacked down and the woods from it is utilize in as biofuels, furniture wood, Etc.

At long last, you should have a rubber plantation business strategy prior to initiating the business, including monetary fact sheet and promoting plans.

Having known the premise of rubber plantation, below are the steps guiding your starting up.

Rubber Tree

Make A Best Selection of your Rubber tree plant

Choosing the correct variety plays a significant part in rubber Business. You should choose the variety according to the agroclimate and soil condition of your territory.
Para rubber botanically known as Heva Brasiliensis is a fast developing, genuinely strong, of a height of 25 to 30 meter. Moreover, the young plant shows characteristic development of an exchanging time of rapid stretching and consolidated development.

Ā The Climatic Condition for Rubber Plantation

Before going into rubber plantation, the climatic condition of the area must be put in place. Rubber plants came up well under genuinely substantial and we’ll distributed rainfall ( 2000-3000mm) with high moistness (80%).

Another factor to consider in rubber plantation is the soil type, not all soil are suitable for the Plantation of rubber. Rubber tree plant grows well in execeptionally endured or weathered soils. Soils that are generally permeable, very much drained, tolerably to high acidic content, inadequate in available phosphorus and varying in potassium and magnesium is appreciated by rubber plant. It could also grow in a soil containing high organic matter. The soil should have a base depth of 1m without any impenetrable layer.

Propagation of Rubber tree Plant

Propagation of rubber Plant is in different ways
ā–Ŗļø Propagation by cutting –
Propagation by cutting begins with getting a decent cutting. The cutting should be around 6 inches (15cm) long, and should have at least two leaves.
At that point, place the rubber tree cutting in a damp but well draining gardening soil. Cover the cutting with either a container or clear plastic, however, ensure that the flawless leaves do not have contact with the plastic or glass covering. Place the rubber tree plant cutting in a warm place that is lit by roundabout light. In half a month, the rubber tree cuttings ought to have developed roots and the coverings eliminated.

Ā Propagation by utilizing Air layering –

This involves cutting of the stem of a matured rubber tree to produce a new plant.

For the most part, rubber propagation from seeds is the most appropriate. You can raise seedlings on the nursery bed. Rubber seeds lose feasibility quickly whenever left in the field. In order to ensure germination, raise the level beds with a 5 cm thick layer of river sand – in order to allow porosity or permeability. Also you should give partial shade in order to prevent strong sunšŸŒž. Germination starts 7days in the wake of planting.
The use of nursery management focuses on the most fast creation of standard healthy planting materials.

Planting of other Crops in the same Orchard

This is a significant angle in Rubber Plantation business. It assist with boosting the general productivity of the farm. During the initial years of rubber Plantation, rubber plants don’t consume the whole space. Therefore, you can utilize the interspace for developing inter-crops which which will help you in generating extra income. A portion of potential inter-crops are vegetables, pineapple šŸ, Ginger, tuber crops, banana šŸŒ, Etc

Application Of Organic manure and Fertilizer

Wholesome investigation demonstrate that rubber Plant react well to prudent manuring. Thusly, you should give a precise manuring to the young rubber plant. It is fitting to test the soil before planting.

Weed Control

It is fitting to control weeds manually, also you can apply substance herbicides to control weeds.

Secure a Good Protection for your Rubber plant

You should have the particular arrangement for plant protection. Nonstop rainy weather brings an assault of phytophthara as parasite causing strange leaf falling.
There are minor illness like auxiliary leaf fall, leaf spot and pink diseases. However you can control the nuisances and diseases by adopting successful protection measures.

Harvesting of Rubber Products

Latex being one of the product or the wellspring form rubber can be gotten by tapping.
Tapping process involves the cycle of controlled injuring, during which slender shavings of the bark of the tree is taken out. The aim of tapping is to cut open the Latex vessels of the tree on the account that the trees are being tapped for the first time or to eliminate the cogalum which hinders the cut ends of the latex of vessel under customary tapping.

At last, I must make reference to, Rubber Plantation is certifiably not a simple business although it’s lucrative and has a high foreign exchange. You should have the privilege innovative capacity for the stuff to be effective and successful.

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