How to Start a Poultry Business

How to Start a Poultry Business

Poultry business is a wide industry whose aspect in economic productivity increases day after day. Poultry is the raising of domestic fowl for economic purposes.

It is safe to say that you are wanting to begin your own poultry, assuming this is the case, you should enter the business well prepared by considering all it’s aspects, directly from setting up some basic equipment to raising birds and marketing your business.

The following guides would go a long way into helping you start up a poultry ranch and setting up business strategy to market your birds.


Because poultry business is in diversity, one must choose from the diversity of this sector. Essentially, there are two kinds of poultry farm you can look over.

Broilers And Layers – This are basically kinds of poultry birds to consider, the broilers are chicken that you raise for meat. Layers are chicken raised for egg purpose. At this point, there is the possibility of brooding egg and raising chicks.

Depending on the scale at which you wish to run your poultry farm, Generally, chicken poultry business works in various areas, in this way, choose if you need to work in all areas or you need to limit your poultry business to only a couple of areas specially at the beginning.
The following could guide you on a poultry field to base on

(I) Meat creation ( Broilers breeding)
(ii) Egg production ( Layers breeding)
(III) Poultry feed creation or production
(iv) Chicken reproduction (Hatchery)
(v) Egg and meat processing.


How to Start a Poultry Business
How to Start a Poultry Business

It is important to choose the type of birds to raise, most Poultry farmers rear or raise up many kinds of poultry birds. Such as domestic fowl, as broilers and layers, duck🦆, Goose, quail, guinea fowl, peacock, turkey, and pigeon.
It is basically the choice to start poultry business for meat creation or egg production. You may start by focusing on two to three bird kind and add up more birds as the business grows.


Importantly on this aspect one must definitely sites his poultry farm at the most appropriate location. It is advisable to build your Poultry ranch not too far away from the town or environment densely occupied by people due to its offensive smell that might be carried to the city, cost of land and labor would be cheaper when built away from the town.

Notwithstanding, setting up the poultry farm excessively far away from the closet town would be a mistake. Recall that you have to move toward a town more frequently to Target your consumers, moreover an area excessively far away from the city or town might cost you more on transportation.


Considering a poultry farm is capital intensive because it requires you to buy a lot of equipment such as feeds, feeders, lighting system, drinkers and many more. Most importantly you need a huge amount of capital to acquire a land, you will be required to setup adequate facilities to enhance productivity.

Theirs need you analyse your financial requirements and stability before venturing into poultry business, you might not be having much capital when starting your poultry business, it’s advisable you apply for a bank loan or try some other sources of financing your poultry Farming business.


Poultry farming requires setting up a building for your desired poultry birds after choosing a ranching area, build a decent house for your Poultry birds 🐦, Guarantee that all required facilities are available in the house. One of the type of poultry housing system can be utilized.
1 . Extensive housing system
2. Semi-intensive and
3. Intensive system. For large scale poultry farm, intensive system is the most convenient. Your birds could be raised in a floor or in cage system.

On a normal, grill poultry needs about 2 to 5 square feet space and layer poultry needs around 4 square feet space. For instance, on the off chance that you need to raise 200 layers at that point, you need to guarantee around 800 square feet space is accessible. Around 4 square feet space is required per fowl in a confine or cage system.


To start up a poultry ranch, you need to purchase for equipment for it’s setup. List are as follows
i. Feeders
ii. Crates
III. Waterer
iv. Incubator
V. Egg tray
Vi. Lightning equipment,
Vii. Heaters etc,

Many more, depends upon the bird type you choose to going for.


After everything been put in place, purchasing of chicks is the next option.
Purchase healthy Chick from a trusted brooder. As a learner, it is wise to begin with day old chicks rather than more established chicks. In the event that you are a beginner with no related knowledge, keep the quantity of chicks to least (at any rate not more than 500).

Use Of Labor

In light of the quantity of birds you need, pretty much labor/work would be required. As a tenderfoot, in the event that you start with a base number of birds (200-500) at that point you can deal with your homestead without anyone else without any problem. On the off chance that you plan for raising more fowls, at that point you will require extra labor. Guarantee modest work is accessible in your chosen region.


Feeding of is the main piece of poultry business. Subsequent to building house and buying equipment and chicks, you need to go through a lot of cash for taking care of your Poultry birds.

About 70% of your absolute task costs will go towards feeding. What’s more, the achievement in the business additionally relies upon quality and satisfactory feedings. You can buy the feed fixings from the market and set up the feed without anyone else or buy instant poultry feeds from the market.


Health of your Poultry birds is essential, one must ensure that the poultry birds are given proper medications when it’s needed. Poultry birds are prone to various types diseases and as a Poultry farmers you have to be ready for them. Immunize them opportune and consistently attempt to give them new water and food.

Additionally stock some necessary immunization and vaccines with the goal that you can utilize them when required.


Marketing of poultry birds when due is also a goal of every poultry farmers, so you ought to deploy a market strategies to thrive amidst poultry competitors.


Due to the competitiveness in Poultry industry, as intending poultry farmer, spread a word for your farm, you meet people everyday, tell friends, neighbors, family members around you about your poultry farming. You could design a business card for your poultry farm. This is a professional way to introduce your business and also a means of advert.

Hope this poultry Farming guide will assist you with anticipating your new business. Prior to beginning, attempt to become familiar with the business and visit a few poultry farm if conceivable. Talk with different poultry farmers in your general vicinity and start with a minimum number of birds 🐦 Assemble insight and slowly grow your poultry business.

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