How to Apply For Opera News and Requirements: All you need to Know

How to Apply For Opera News and Requirements: All you need to Know

Opera News has been a major source for quality human website traffic boom for the News Industry ever since it’s launch.

But one of the major challenges News websites and bloggers have is getting their websites/blogs fully accepted into the Eco-system of the Opera News Breaking News App.

In this extensive article this is all you need to know on how to get into Opera News and the Requirement, Hey you don’t have to rush just follow keenly.

I am TalknLive on twitter and I will be taking you through this section.

What is Opera News Breaking News

Opera News is a personalized news aggregator which lets you stay on top of both local and national breaking headlines. It highlights the latest news and provides more stories that matter to you!  Daily Breaking Stories and more important updates from local communities.

Opera News is a platform where Users readers get access to Read the latest and most popular news articles on the local events, sports, entertainment, business, travel, lifestyles and fashion – all delivered by top local and global media outlets.

Opera News Breaking News is Powered by most powerful AI news engine, Opera News delivers real-time, personalized content based on your interests. Select news categories and topics to see relevant news personalized just for you. The more you use the app, the better it becomes.

So having known what it is let’s now dive into what it takes to be one of the media outlets that provides the news.

Requirement for Opera News Breaking News

You need to produce consistent original content 100+ articles monthly and do not copy or plagiarise content and refer to the following guidelines below:

Guidelines To Prevent Your Articles From Being Rejected As Fake News

These are criteria for accepting or rejecting website and articles which Headlines are considered as Exaggerated or Sensational submitted on Opera News.

Domains which sites are crawled on the app, it is only normal for you to want readers to click on your articles..

After all, that’s how you generate traffic and become eligible for traffic and engagement bonus.

However, while getting engagement is essential, it is important to avoid practices that will make us lose the trust of the readers with headlines that are sensational or exaggerated. Making your headlines sound unbelievable as readers will consider such articles not trustworthy

Read the guide below to find out why a headline may be removed or rejected for being sensational

Headline Exaggerated/Sensational

This is a type of clickbait. Clickbait refers to misleading readers with a title or headline by means of exaggerating the description, concealing the information, distorting the original intent, etc., in a bid to entice users to read it.

NOTICE: The most advanced forms such as top and most in the title can be passed

a. Exaggerated title

The title exaggerates and describes the feeling, scope, result, and degree, which will cause sensational effects.

Under this rule, just looking at the title can determine whether it is the clickbait or not.

b. Emotional exaggeration:The title uses the following words to exaggerate emotions / states / feelings  (Machine check)

The following words appear at the beginning of the title:








The following words appear in the body of the title:

won’t believe



surprise you

Twitter on fire as…

twitter goes wild

is/goes crazy on Twitter/Facebook

You Won’t Believe

Must Read

Unbelievable! This Cave in Nsukka Leads to the World of the Dead

5 Amazing Healing Power of water you need to know

Wow!!! the premier league season may start soon

Shocking!!:A 28 year old man rapes a woman with a fake gun.

 For funny pictures,The title is exaggerated and induces user to  click,you can reject as Headline Exaggerated/Sensational

some cases:

15+ Funny Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Your Sorrows

If You Don’t Laugh At This 38 Funny Pictures, You Are A Legend

28 best hilarious pictures that will make you laugh out loud.

36 Funny Pictures Of Footwears That Will Make You Laugh Throughout The Day

Enjoy Your Sunday With These Funny Pictures (I Can’t Stop Laughing)

When I saw these pictures I laughed so hard I cried: she took a picture in a grave

Bleaching is Bad, See These 17 Bleaching Pictures That Will Make You Laugh and Dislike Creams.

60 hilarious photos that will make you laugh non-stop

Prepare To Laugh Out Loud With These 30 Hilarious Photos.

60 Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Laugh Non-Stop.

Exaggerated scope/result: Title use includes but is not limited to the following words, which are exaggerated for unfounded scope (Editor check)

Under this rule, just looking at the title can determine whether it is the clickbait or not.

Exaggerated scope:

The following words and sentences appearing in the body of the title will be rejected

get/got everyone talking

All Nigerians are+adj.+about

All Nigerians are+doing about

All Nigerians react

make you laugh all day

never stop doing something

all men/women are/were+adj./

all men/women are+doing

NOTICE:Exaggerated scope in the title needs to see if the expression of the title absolute.

Guidelines To Prevent Your Website From Being Rejected As Fake News site

To reduce ‘fake news’ rejection to the barest minimum, it is important for authors and domains to have a proper understanding of the definition and review specifications of fake news on the Opera News.

Definition of Fake News

Fake News is news and/or information that is not factual but is presented as being factually accurate. It is also the deliberate presentation of false or misleading, claims, propaganda as news, where the claims are misleading by design. Usually, these stories are created to either influence people’s views, push a political agenda or cause confusion.

Fake News also uses tools for manipulating photos, videos and images to distort facts and for misinformation

Guideline For Rejecting Articles As ‘Fake News’

1. Major news stories that cannot be confirmed by an authoritative/credible media platform or is inconsistent with what authoritative/credible media is reporting will be rejected as fake news.

These are examples of major news:

A. Domestic political news: Including but not limited to news related to national leaders, decrees and policies of central government agencies, important personnel appointments, etc.

Example of Domestic Political Fake News:

i. The President Office in Aso Rock is Locked’- Nnamdi Kanu blows hot (not reported by authoritative media, source not official, false claim)

ii. Interesting details about Chief Obafemi Awolowo death that every Nigerian you must know (false claim that the man drank poison)

iii. COVID-19: Abba Kyari Was buried In Cuba – Nnamdi Kanu Claims, makes Shocking revelation (false claim, not reported by authoritative media, claim goes against reported facts in authoritative media)

iv. Nnamdi Kanu alleges President Buhari has a “hole in his throat” (PHOTO) (false claim)

v. Nnamdi Kanu alleges China recorded 20 million deaths from COVID-19 (False claim)

vi. Nnamdi Kanu Writes To The US, UK, And Israeli Government If ‘This Is The Buhari They Knew’ In 2015 (False claim about the subject, not reported by authoritative media)

vii. Breaking: Coronavirus kills Globe Motors founder, Willie Anumudu

viii. BREAKING: Tension, Oshiomhole makes shocking confession about what played out in Aso Rock before Abba Kyrai’s death (False claim)

ix. BREAKING: President Buhari Orders for Immediate Repatriation and Arrest of Nnamdi Kanu (false claim)

x. We Spent 200 billion To Dig Graves For Nigerians – Lai Mohammed (False claims)

xi. Nnamdi Kanu reveals how Fulani Cabals are using Fake Buhari pictures to deceive Nigerians (photos) (False claims)

False claims about Biafra

Fake News and False Claim

NOTE: retro or history post, facts, explainer will not get you post rejected for fake news

E.G Fifty years after Biafra, see the soldiers who fought the Civil War

OPINION: Will be Biafra be achieved: 7 reasons it won’t be realised

8 Reasons why Nnamdi Kanu is not the new Ojukwu

A Picture Of 22 Year Old Ojukwu And His Aunty On His Return From Oxford In 1955

B.International political news: News from major African countries, news from countries and regions with important international influence (including but not limited to news from the permanent members of the United Nations, Major European countries, Middle East, Japan, etc.)

Example of Fake News 

i. Breaking: Secret Plans Of China Against Nigeria Exposed!!!? (False claim)

ii. HOT NEWS!! Nnamdi Kanu Proved To The World That He Is A True Hero Of Our Time- Donald Trump

iii. Fiction: Trump sends US Soldiers to Nnamdi Kanu’s parents’ burial

C. Domestic social and public safety emergencies: Including but not limited to major accidents, explosions in major areas, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and outbreaks of pandemics and health-related incidents, etc.

Sports news of important international events: Including but not limited to World Cup, Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Formula1, WWE, NBA, Serie A, Olympics, etc.

D. News about deaths of entertainment personalities such as superstars in the US, China, UK, Nigeria, etc.

Example: BREAKING: Football stars who died in this COVID-19 period (Number 2  Will break your heart)

2.Content that clearly goes against common sense or scientific facts will be rejected as fake news.

Example: Bird Turns Into Half-Naked Woman, Along Benin Road, Makes Shocking Confession About TB Joshua

3. Health & Fitness

Such articles often say that eating a single food can completely cure some incurable and/or chronic diseases/medical conditions or result in an extraordinary outcome.

Some cases:

i How Sweet Potato Leaves kill Cancer

ii. How Eating yam can make you have twins: This is how it works.

4. Religion & Belief

In the name of religion, the article makes scientifically unprovable predictions about an event or the fate of a certain kind of people. Almost all prophetic content is unfounded.

Some cases:

i. Pastor predicts that the new crown virus will disappear in May

ii. The priest predicted that these kinds of people would suffer bad luck

iii. Chinese Residents Confirm TB Joshua’s Prophecy on CoronaVirus – Emmanuel Tv

Content that clearly violates religious beliefs and facts already established in religious books like the Bible and Quran.

Some cases:

i. 10 Good Reasons Why I Said Jesus Was A Muslim.

ii. Do Muslims, Christians and Jews All Worship The Same God?

5. Technology

Unfounded predictions and comments on new technology or unsolved mysteries of science.

Case :

i. Nigerians Paranoia About The 5G Technology May Be Justified.

6. Fictional content

The following types of fictional content will be rejected as fake news.

i. The article distorts facts in the name of fiction and presents false information about people and things that already exist in reality. The only exception to this rule is satire and the author must add SATIRE in front of the title.

ii. The author writes fictitious content, but the title does not carry FICTION.

iii. Articles with fiction in headline but violated rules on incest, attacks religion or national security are not allowed

7. Social Media Posts

Articles based on a SINGLE social media post or thread can only be passed if it is from credible and verified social media handles of public figures such as celebrities, politicians, ministers, media aides, agencies, parastatals, national assemblies, governors, among others.

Reject as fake news if such a social media post is not from credible and verified social media accounts.

Please Note: This is different from an article based on social media reactions to a particular trending issue. Eg: Twitter reacts to House of Representatives probe of NDDC

Some tips to prevent Websites/Articles from being rejected as fake news

a. If your article is not major news but exclusive content, please indicate EXCLUSIVE in the title.

NOTE for (a) above: Even if EXCLUSIVE is in the headline and article is fake. This article will be considered as fake news

b. For non-exclusive content, please indicate reliable sources in the content.

c. If you are writing a fiction or satire, please indicate FICTION or SATIRE in the title.

d. At the same time, even for fiction, we do not allow pornography, incest, vulgarity, disgusting content, violations of laws and regulations to appear in the article.

e. If you are writing a real story happening around you, it is best to indicate this in the article. Such stories are difficult to find on news websites and social media, and are easily mistaken for fake news.

How to Apply For Opera News Breaking News

Send a Straight forward mail to [email protected] indicating interest to submit your website feeds to their platform.

They will review your website and respond to you in 2 business days.



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