How my Life turned to Failure (Real Life Experience)

story of kayode

You will cry or feel so so bad after reading this, but try to hold onto yourself cause life itself is a lesson.

Kayode has never for his life know what peace is. He can only define it but don’t know what it means because he has never experienced it for once in life. He is a very brilliant boy and his dream is to be the first doctor in his town. But unfortunately, he hardly moves forward in life, such that his entire classmate left him behind because he always fails his WAEC Examination.

Each time he receives his result, even the people he teaches in the examination hall will make all their papers but he’s will be F9 parallel (failure). More than 5 times, both his WAEC and NECO are always F9 in his entire subject. Even there was a particular year he refused to register for the two exams, but that year, his F9 parallel Result was still sent to him without writing or registering for the exam.

Later he decided to register for a special center where he clears all the papers. And that year he receives two results, his normal F9 result and the special center result where he made all the paper. He spent more than 8 years in the university because of carrying over. Whenever he write his paper, the Lecturer will not see his answer script, and they knew he’s a very brilliant boy, one day his departmental lecturer held a meeting because of him, and they plan to help him pass all his paper, even if his answer script disappears as usual.

They knew its spiritual battle. He graduated at the age of 30. He went for his youth service and came back, seeking for Job, but no Job. He has to travel back to his village to continue his farm work. his mother younger sister likes him very much because she’s barren, and Kayode see her as his mother too.

One day one of his best friend who came home to visit his parent and saw him with a basket on his head, selling oranges just to earn a living, he was shocked to see him in that state, then his friend decided to take him with him to Abuja. But the following week his friend chases him out of his house. 15 million naira was missing from his friend master bedroom and the money was found in Kayode wardrobe, he said he never knew anything about it, but no one could believe him, he chases him out and as he was walking thinking and crying, a car knocked him down and he fainted, then he was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was treated.

The man who knocked him down was a devoted man of God, the Lord showed him the case of Kayode, the very day her mother gave birth to him, the woman who bathed her, has stolen his glory and it’s hung it on a tree in the world of darkness. The Evangelist followed Kayode to his village to question his mother. Who was the first to bath your child the very day you gave birth to her, is my younger sister, she said, they went to her house.

The evangelist went to her house and commanded her in the name of Jesus to give back the glory of Kayode to Kayode because he’s in need of his glory. This woman went straight to the wall and brings back the sponge, and the sponge is as wet as the day she first uses it on the boy. That was what she used to tie down his glory, Kayode fainted because this is the woman she took as her mother.



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