How Kenyan Operatives Ransacked Nnamdi Kanu’s Apartment To Take His UK Passport

How Kenyan Operatives Ransacked Nnamdi Kanu's Apartment To Take His UK Passport

The Kenya government detailed security operatives to ransack the apartment where Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, stayed in the country when news filtered in last Thursday that his United Kingdom passport was left behind in the East African country, competent sources have informed reveals.

ANG learnt that the Kenya operatives broke into the apartment and searched desperately for the UK passport, but it was eventually not found.


The sources noted that the UK passport had been safely kept away from the Kenya apartment before the intelligence was deliberately released to ” serve as evidence that the Kenya government was involved in the unconventional abduction of Kanu to Nigeria.”

The lawyer to Kanu, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, also corroborated this claim, adding that it was too late for Kenya to dismiss the “compelling evidence.”


Ejiofor said, “My happiness is that by that development (of the leaving over of Kanu’s UK passport in Kenya) the desperate denials of the Kenya government in the abduction of Kanu have been put to rest. Earlier, I had compelling evidence to show the world a conspiracy between Kenya and Nigerian governments to abduct Kanu through an unconventional process.

“Kenya became apprehensive that we had other compelling evidence. As soon as the fact of his passport still in Kenya was made public, they quickly went to the apartment where Kanu stayed in Kenya and ransacked the place. But it was too late for them. These are people who are telling us that they don’t know about what happened to Kanu.”

New evidence that Kenyan authorities were guilty in the arrest and extradition of Nnamdi Kanu emerged with his UK passport left behind in the country.

A UK Newspaper, The Guardian, had stated this in a report, adding that Kanu got a Kenya visa which was to expire in June, and he had been around in the country before his sudden arrest and extradition.


“Evidence seen by the Guardian shows Kanu entered Kenya this year on his British passport on a visa expiring in June. His UK passport remains in Kenya. Kanu did not have a Nigerian passport, his family said, and he has verbally renounced his Nigerian citizenship in broadcasts.

“The abduction of a person from a foreign country with the aim of rendition to justice is illegal under international law,” the UK newspaper report had said.

Kanu recounted his experience in Kenya while speaking with his lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, saying he was “mercilessly beaten and tortured” in the East African country before his extradition to Nigeria.

Ejiofor had confirmed the words of Kanu during an interview adding that Kanu told him how he was detained not in the Kenya official detention centers but a private residence for about eight days before his extradition to Nigeria.

This is despite the Kenyan authorities’ denial that they had anything to do with the arrest and extradition of Kanu to Nigeria.


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