How I Met my Love

How I met My Love 24 (EPILOGUE)


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James…Thanks to Chinedu’s efforts he has finally been freed to the ghost
of his messy past. He finally worked up the courage to return to his
family. He pleads for his wife’s Ngozi’s forgiveness and promises to never
let her down again.

Ngozi…Her husband finally returns home after 3 long years and she
doesn’t know what to do or think. After going through a whirlwind of
emotions, some advice from her sister Iphey and her mendling mom she
finally agrees to take him back; especially for her son Obi’s sake.

Obi…After being reunited with his father James, Obi suffers another
illness and is admitted to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately he
loses his life after a week of relentless efforts of the medical staff.
Iphey…After various events (the run in with the gang, Obi’s death,
etc)and confirmations in which Chinedu has proven his love for her,
Iphey agrees to spend the rest of her life with Chinedu. They go on to set
up a foundation in the memory of her nephew and a job
development/scholarship program to keep young men off the streets and
aid them in building solid foundations.

F says:
Iphey and Chinedu: After the dramatic events of the kidnapping, our love
birds decide to postpone the wedding, in order to get their bearings. They
are still together and even more in love than ever before.
Ngozi and Otunba: Following James’ death, Otunba is of great comfort
to Ngozi. A relationship bloomed and they are currently engaged.
Otunba is currently trying to beat Obi on their new Nintendo Wii. 🙂
Mama Iphey still wants more grand children, especially from Iphey. 🙂
Aisha and Habib remain good friends of the family.
Ayo and Funmi: Both are implicated in the mass-sacking of bank officials
by the Nigerian Central Bank. They are currently unemployed but
working through their relationship issues together, trying to see where it
takes them.
Alhaji Galadima and Gbenro continue to work with the authorities to
uncover criminal activity in and around Lagos.

Isha says:
Gbenro: gets a get-out-of-bondage free card for helping Chinedu, and
since his greatest fear is facing eternal jail time. He is able to get his act
together; he gets polished and lands a job as Alhaji Galadima’s high-class
chauffeur and personal assistant. It’s only the beginning of his great life.
Bisi: proves herself to be a conniving bitch and steals Otunba from Ngozi.
By the time Ngozi finds out that Otunba has been stepping out on her,
Bisi is 4-months pregnant with Otunba’s child. Ngozi is heartbroken
(Mama Iphey is not), but she finds solace in the unlikely arms of Habib.
James: gets his debt forgiven, and is able to live a normal life again. He
decides that he has put his family through enough, and gives Ngozi space
to live her life as she pleases. He and his son, Obi develop the best fatherson relationship he could have dreamed of.

2cute4u says:
James, does not die but is gravely injured, is hospitalized and from there
reunites with his family after apologising and explaining himself
Chinedu- gets to marry the girl of his dreams, Iphey
Iphey- marries Chinedu but stops hiding her feelings..
Alhaji Galadima- it is seen though a policeman is actually a kingpin of
another gang and wants to centralize the hierarchy so that he becomes
the one and only kingpin with eyes and ears also in the police force, he is
exposed by Dabaru and is arrested and confesses. Saving Chinedu was
just his only good deed.
Habib- is promoted for his outstanding job for the EFCC.
gretel said…
Iphey-she’s later taken to the hospital for medical check ups and after a
week marries Nedu.
Chinedu-later marries Iphey,his well-desired wife.
Ngozi-she finds out the truth and is so sad she can’t think.
James-dies in the hospital after apologizing to Iphey,Ngozi and his
mother in-law and making Ngozi promise him that she’ll re-marry.
CerebrallyBusy said…
BISI: stabs Funmi in the back by sleeping with Ayo; and then gets fired.
James: wakes up after a lot of surgeries and a six-week coma and reunites
with his family.
Alhaji Galadima picks up another boy like Chinedu and helps him
Chinedu and Iphey get married at last, and live happily ever after.
Oh Habib needs a babe!!! yes please give him a babe
and of course Dabaru gets to go to prison forever!
shorty said…

EPILOGUE. James- Returns back home and asks for forgiveness from
his family. Iphey- Seeing as Chinedu proves his love for her accepts him
as the one she wants to spend her life with. Bisi- Regrets what she has
done to Iphey and asks for forgiveness. Dabaru- Rot in prison.

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