Horror Unveiled: Kidnapped Deaf and Dumb Girls Endure Abuse, Freed Only After Family Pays N5.5m Ransom – Edo’s Tale of Anguish

Kidnapped Deaf and Dumb Girls Endure Abuse, Freed Only After Family Pays N5.5m Ransom

The tranquil community of Oke Old in Sabongida-Ora, Etsako West local government area of Edo State, was shattered by a wave of mourning and fear as criminals, suspected to be of Fulani origin, invaded a feed mill plant. Their criminal activities led to the tragic death of Elisha Udejei, the trainee manager, and the abduction of two deaf girls. Amidst the grief, questions arise about security, the ordeal of the kidnapped girls, and the response of authorities.

Elisha Udejei, a recent graduate of the University of Ibadan, met an untimely demise at the hands of the invaders. Eyewitnesses, including Emmanuel Atafo, a worker on the farm, recounted the harrowing moments when Udejei was fatally shot. Atafo, fearing for his life, abandoned his motorbike and fled to safety upon hearing the gunshot.


The community, home to both a school and a church, was left reeling from the violence. Udejei was laid to rest a few days after the incident, while the kidnapped girls endured eight days of captivity. They were released only after their parents paid a hefty ransom of N5.5 million. The girls, aged 33 and 28, suffered abuse during their ordeal.

The owner of the farm, opting for anonymity due to security concerns, revealed that the kidnapped girls had been trained in a special school in Oyo State before returning to work in the factory. Suspicions lingered that insiders may have aided the kidnappers, and negotiations hinted at the involvement of sponsors who demanded a substantial ransom.


The father of one of the kidnapped girls recounted the traumatic events to Sunday Vanguard. He described the frantic efforts to secure their release, negotiating with the kidnappers who initially demanded N10 million per person but settled for N5.5 million for both girls. The ransom was delivered in cash, accompanied by specific instructions, including the inclusion of certain items alongside the money.

Security lapses compounded the tragedy. Despite one of the victims managing to escape and report the incident to a military checkpoint, little action was taken. The lack of prompt response from security forces left the community feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

The girls were promptly taken to the hospital for medical attention after their release. While physically unharmed, they bore the scars of their traumatic experience. Reports suggested the likelihood of abuse during their captivity, further adding to their psychological distress.

The process of ransom payment itself was fraught with tension and fear. A designated individual had to venture into remote areas, guided by the instructions of the kidnappers. The exchange took place in a tense atmosphere, with the safety of all involved hanging in the balance.


The aftermath of the incident left the community grappling with grief, trauma, and a profound sense of insecurity. As they strive to rebuild and heal, questions remain about the adequacy of security measures and the broader implications of such criminal activities on vulnerable communities.

In the wake of this tragedy, calls for improved security, swift justice, and support for the victims reverberate through the corridors of power. Yet, for the residents of Oke Old, the scars of this ordeal may take years to fade, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of peace and security in their once-serene community.


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