Heartfelt Gesture: Gov Eno Pays Visit to Family of Late Nollywood Make-Up Artist, Extending Sympathy and Support

Gov Eno Pays Visit to Family of Late Nollywood Make-Up Artist, Extending Sympathy and Support

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, paid a visit to the family of the late Nollywood makeup artist Abigail Edith Frederick, who tragically lost her life in a boat accident alongside actor Junior Pope and three others.

Expressing heartfelt sympathy, Governor Eno sat with the grieving family members and conveyed his deep understanding of their pain. “This is a truly tragic situation,” he remarked. “A young woman, only 24 years old, who had just completed her Youth Service last year, chose to follow her passion. Her determination and creativity reflect the spirit of our community. It demonstrates that our youth are eager to pursue their dreams without relying on handouts. It’s regrettable and saddening that her life ended in such a manner.”


Governor Eno stated, “Upon being fully briefed, I felt compelled to personally visit the family with the full support of the Government to offer consolation and encouragement. I am not just a Governor during moments of celebration. In times like these, I take on the role of Chief Mourner to provide hope. Akwa Ibomites, like the Israelis, stand together and support one another. The Government will stand by the family and provide assistance.”

In a gesture of support, the Governor announced an immediate job placement in the State Civil Service for the surviving elder sister of the deceased. Additionally, he instructed the Senior Special Assistant on Humanitarian Services, Umo Ekpo, to renovate the family home to modern standards.


Furthermore, Governor Eno assured assistance to the two sisters of the deceased, who are currently undergraduates at the University of Uyo and were reportedly being sponsored by the late Nollywood makeup artist.

Earlier, the Governor addressed the situation in a Press Release issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Ekerete Udoh. “We have been following the reports, especially on social media, regarding her burial,” the statement read. “We want to clarify that the government was not informed of the circumstances surrounding her burial. His Excellency, Governor Umo Eno, has directed that her body be returned to her family for a proper and dignified burial.”


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