Hate speech is a “crazy idea” – David Oyedepo blows hot (VIDEO)

bishop oyedepo

 Bishop David Oyedepo, General overseer and founder of the Living Faith Church, a.k.a. Winners Chapel has described the controversial hate speech bill as a ‘crazy idea.’

David Oyedepo said that the aim of the bill was to silence Nigerians boasted that no one can silence a man of God because he is called by God.

He also declared Hate Speech Bill dead!

Speaking at the opening Session of Shiloh 2019 tagged ‘Breaking limit, Oyedepo said “Hate speech is one of the most crazy idea ever.

“You say something truthful about them and they call it is hate speech? You can’t silence a man of God because he is called by God.

“A prophet is answerable to God only, what God tells him he will say. You cannot stand for God and be a loser.

“I don’t know if anyone loves Nigeria more than I do. Imagine they are not hanging killers, they want to hang ‘hate speakers?

“ Anyways that is dead already, if the wicked will not stop his wickedness God will stop his wickedness.”


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