Hackers hits Inksnation’s Website, Takes over 7 Million Users Dashboard

Inksnation suffers major Phishing Hack attack on Website

The Website of Inksnation Decentralized Autonomous Organisation DAO is currently under a phishing hack.

The website dashboard of about 7 Million registered members were under serious attack of Hackers wanting to defraud ignorance and greedy individuals using the phishing attack.

When this was brought to the notice of AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT we sent in our technician who visited the website and confirmed the incidence and as at the time of filing this report the attack is still on.

Before we continue, AUTHENTICNG has written before concerning the security breach in Inksnation website by some sort of Indonesian Hackers, AUTHENTICNG team did all we can to reach out to the leadership and technicians of Inksnation but all proved abortive. AUTHENTICNG also did reported the first Hack on inksnation to takeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria SIBAN.

The Attack which started at about 5pm Nigeria time on 12th of January has on the screen a popup saying:

“We are randomly picking 7,500 Exchangers/End Users to test-run our exchange of Pinkoin to Bitcoin and Direct Bank transfer for members which is proudly supported by our International Sponsors.”

“If you are seeing this message, you are among selected lucky Exchangers/End Users and you should comply within 3hours or loose spot. All you need do is to click on the link below, follow the instructions and wait to be verified.”

“Select Wallet/Pinkoin amount, pay your disbursement transaction fee and upload payment proof to activate your Pinkoin Exchange.”

“This Testrun will last for only 12hr, disbursement starts 14th Jan, 2021.”

This is not the first time this phishing attack has happened, on 25th December, AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT also confirmed such an attack on INKSNATION website but all was not tackled or should I say security was not their priority.

Inksnation suffers major Phishing Hack attack on Website
Inksnation suffers major Phishing Hack attack on Website

The Attack which was hosted on this link: https://inksnationdao.000webhostapp.com/ has the main call up link of sign in members to redirect to it.

https://inksnationdao.000webhostapp.com/ is hosted by 000webhostapp.com a free website hosting company which the attacker used to effect his hack on Inksnation.

More investigation into the Hack shows the hacker asking people to pay in money into the following account-

Account Name –Roqqu-Sodiq

Bank Account 9969103058

Bank Name Providus Bank

Bank Account 7820549505

Bank Name Wema Bank


On the response of the hack, the owner and inventor of the project told members not to login into their account as pop up displaying is a scam.

Security of Infrastructures holding public data should be held at highest intent. The organizers of this project should the needful.

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