Governor Wike Behaves Like Failed TikTok Comedian Over Loss Of PDP Presidential Primary Election –Atiku’s Aide

I will Support You in 2027 to become President - Atiku tells Wike

The campaign office of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said that the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike needs to grow up and respect the office he holds.

This is contained in a statement signed by Phrank Shaibu, Special Assistant, Public Communication to Atiku, noting that Governor Wike behaves like a failed TikTok comedian.


According to the statement, Wike acts like a failed comedian desperately trying to amuse Nigerians with the same platitudes just because he lost the PDP presidential primary election and also failed to emerge as the vice-presidential candidate of the party.

In the statement titled “Wike’s nonsensical gaffe,” Shaibu accused Wike of spending taxpayers’ funds on live broadcasts and described him as the epitome of bitterness and anger.


The statement reads in part, “A short-tempered man acts foolishly, says Proverbs 14:17 in the Holy Bible. This perhaps explains why a governor who was once a shining light in his party has thrown caution to the wind and has become a laughing stock.

“Every day Wike dances like a village masquerade on live television, entertaining Nigerians with the same boring moves. He acts like a failed TikTok comedian desperately trying to amuse Nigerians with the same platitudes just because he lost the primary and also failed to emerge as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

His constant weeping is like the blubbering of an infant taken off his mother’s breast. Wike’s cacophonous cry of hurt and inconsolable thrashing will never end even if the proverbial breast is put back in his mouth.

“If you want to understand the true meaning of bitterness and anger watch our dear Governor Wike each time he spends taxpayers’ monies on his live broadcasts.


“At every turn of events, he comes forth with new episodes of dramatic performances. What is common to all his acts is that his vile verbiage and intemperate vituperations are symptomatic of a pathetically disruptive mind with a deep character flaw.

“In his latest attempt to mock Waziri Atiku Abubakar after former President Olusegun Obasanjo decided to endorse former Governor Peter Obi, Wike again shot himself in the foot.

“According to the cantankerous and loquacious governor, the decision of Obasanjo to support Obi is evidence that Atiku is unfit for the Presidency.

“Going by Wike’s flawed logic, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s refusal to support his Vice-President, William Ruto, meant that Ruto was unfit for office. The great people of Kenya, however, do not think in a flawed manner like Wike.

“Even in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari did not support Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo despite the fact that Osinbajo had served as acting President for over five months when Buhari was on medical vacation in London.

“If we bring it closer to Rivers State, it means Wike’s deputy is incompetent hence his decision to anoint Siminialayi Fubara, as his successor. In fact, Wike’s domineering attitude has made his deputy redundant hence no one even knows who she is.

“What Wike failed to acknowledge during his latest tirade is that Atiku remains the only former Vice-President in the history of Nigeria to ever be publicly endorsed by his principal and this happened in 2019 when Obasanjo decided to support him.

“On the other hand, no one finds Wike worthy of wielding Presidential power, not even his predecessors. Rather than try to repair his damaged reputation, he continues to cry over spilt milk.

“When has the lack of support of an ex-President ever translated to fitness of an office?”

“Finally, let me state that our decorous demeanor belongs to us – they are not dictated by whether someone is intemperate towards us. We will hit back if we have to, but GOD forbid that we will ever descend to the level of the gutter that some people live in.

“Wike really needs to grow up and respect the office he holds,” the statement added.


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