Gangsters Rape 5 Female Students Of FUOtuoke also Kidnaps 2

Fuotuoke students raped

Tensions has arosed in Federal University of Otuoke Fuotuoke in Bayelsa following the rape of 5 female students and kidnap of 2 students.

Two(2) unknown armed gangsters stormed a lodge in Otuoke Community occupied by students of Federal University Otuoke, FUOtuoke Bayelsa state, raped five (5) female students and kidnapped two (2) of the victims after the incidence. All names withheld.

It was gathered that the assailants trailed the students who went to fetch water outside their lodge around 9pm on Friday night being the 22nd of June, 2019. One of the girls (name withheld) told the rest she’s going to drop her bucket of water in her room after which she will join them in theirs.

The gangsters accosted her on her way to her room and raped her, and then used her to gain access to the rooms of the other female students and gang raped them as well and made away with their provisions, phones and money, alongside the 2 missing female students.

An eye witness who is also a resident of the lodge while talking to our correspondent stated that her door was also knocked on but because she was tired and dizzy, she just ignored the knock and feel asleep only to hear noises later on.

She said 2 out of the 5 girls raped girls where 300 level students of Chemistry, while the rest where 100 level students from the department of Biochemistry and Business Administration respectively. The two kidnapped students are 100level students from Biochemistry and Mathematics Education.

As at the time of publishing this report, school security and the SUG president Comr. Debekeme Kojo Debekeme have confirmed the report and assured that the student union government, school security and the Man O’ War are working together to see to the rescue of the kidnapped girls.

It was also made known to us that last month, the two young men tried to rob this same lodge but failed as the first contact (being the first girl) raised alarm and they were apprehended by the community vigilante and were later released.

One of the female rape victims has relocated to the female hostel while the other two have travelled to their homes after missing their exams on Saturday due to the incidence.

rape in fuotuokeThe Lodge been shut down for security reason and all the occupants have vacated due to fear.

Report by: Fuo Campus Gist Team

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