Fulani fighting to take over Nigeria – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu reveals those who Kidnapped ABSU students

Nnamdi Kanu of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has revealed how the Fulanis are taking over Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu pointed that, the youths of Nigeria and the IPOB will not allow them take over Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu said;

“I want to let the roundly primitive Fulani Janjaweed puppets of British Neo-colonialism in Nigeria to understand that oppression never pays & it comes with consequences. In 1964, you oppressed the West & got Operation Wetie.”

“In 1967, you oppressed the East & got the Biafra War. Today, you’re oppressing #NigerianYouths because of #EndSARS. Consequences abound, you will get that thing you are looking for very soon. #Lekki & #Obigbo will live in infamy.”

“The Hausa peasants allowed you to deceive them into thinking you were helping them fight corruption in their land but by the time they woke up from their stupidity, Gobir a Hausa town became Sokoto a Fulani town.”

“All Hausa kings of the legendary HABE monarchies slaughtered in a Fulani coup and replaced by alien Fulani emirs. Hausa kingdoms became Fulani emirates overnight. What a shame!”

“The same thing they did to Hausa people they did to Nupe people of Niger State too, today they are slaves to the Janjaweed. That is why Babangida thinks he is Fulani when in actual fact he is Gbagyi. The same way they subdued Gbagyi people of Abuja and surrounding states.”

“Exactly how they intimidated Igala and forcibly converted them to Islam. The same way they are now using the likes of the little demon Wike to encircle and take-over the coastal regions of Biafra.”

“Birom people are almost extinct courtesy of Fulani Janjaweedism. Tivi nation is putting up some measure of resistance but as always too little too late. Igbira and Birom nations have both been swallowed up and Jukun ethnic group is fighting to remain autonomous from the hegemonic influences of the caliphate.”

“A sizeable chunk of Yoruba territory is under Fulani domination in Kwara. Only Biafra agitation is preventing the emasculation of the entire south.”

“Youths from all these subdued ethnic nationalities are now wiser. They make up the Nigerian youths now seeking an end to Fulani impunity through street protests. Join them today let us all #endsars and brutality of what is left of the uniformed hoodlums in Nigeria Army and Police.”

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